My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict Novel Chapter 13 PDF Free Online (Grace and Jason)

“This model is good enough!” He cut her off. He lowered his head to take a serious look at the mobile phones.

Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind them, saying, “Oh, Grace!”

Grace lifted her head and saw Mia Jenkins and another woman walking toward them. They were out shopping.

When they came near, Grace saw that the other woman was another of her high school classmates, Maria.

“What a coincidence seeing you here! Is that your boyfriend?” Mia asked as she sized up Jay, who was standing beside Grace.

When Maria saw that Grace did not respond, she said, “Hey, Mia, don’t spout nonsense. I heard that Grace has a rich boyfriend. This guy doesn’t dress like a rich guy. What a cheap set of clothes!”

Wow. That was horribly rude.

Grace snuck a glance at Jay, but his expression was bland. Anyone watching would think he was oblivious to her classmate’s catty comments.

Maria raised her brows. “Oh! Are you feeling awkward? I forgot that your boyfriend already has a new girlfriend and they will be getting engaged soon. Over the past few days, the papers were reporting on the engagement between Sean and Lilly. They are well-matched in social and economic status! By the way, does your new boyfriend know that you’re sweeping the streets?”


“Why did you say that?” Mia commented.

Mia wasn’t stupid. There were privacy laws and the gossiping she was engaging in with Maria could get her tangled up at work. If Grace bothered to report it. If the higher-ups cared to write up her supervisor. If they wanted to take the word of an ex-con.

“What I’ve said is true. Didn’t you say that she is currently working in the Sanitation Service Center?!” Maria said arrogantly.

Grace looked coldly at Maria. Since Maria was out to humiliate her, she would ignore her, lest she becomes more aggressive.

She wasn’t even angry for herself but for the cruelty toward Jay. Making fun of a man’s clothes… how petty was that?

Grace turned her head away from the woman and asked, “Jay, which model do you prefer?”

“This one,” he replied after choosing one of the mobile phones.

Grace told the cashier to ring it up and get a new unit for her.

“Go and sign up for a number,” Grace said.

“All right. I’ll get it done tomorrow when I pass by the service provider,” Jason replied.

The two of them spoke as though they were the only ones around, disregarding Mia and Maria. Mia was not agitated, but Maria was fuming with anger.

She was insulting Grace, but she felt as though she was the one being humiliated!

When Maria saw Grace taking out her mobile phone to make the payment, she taunted, “What? Do you have to pay for the mobile phone? Grace, are you spending money on a gigolo? However, you don’t earn much by sweeping the streets. That’s why you’re getting such a cheap mobile phone.”

As Maria was talking, she was looking at Jay.

She felt that Jay was good-looking. Although his hair was longer on top and shadowed his features a bit, there was no disputing his perfect mouth or jaw, or those dark eyes.

“You don’t have to be with her. Why don’t you break up with her? I can get you a better mobile phone if you break up with her. You can choose any of the mobile phones in this market,” Maria said.

Maria’s family owned a small business. Although she was not as wealthy as those influential people or the billionaire families in the city, she was richer than ordinary people.

Jason pursed his lips as he stared at Maria.

Maria reckoned that Jason was tempted and she continued saying, “What do you think of my suggestion? If you break up with her, we can be friends. I can take you for a spin in my BMW and introduce you to some of my friends in the film and television circle. Given your looks, you will have no problem becoming a star.” Maria became more excited as she spoke. It would be the ultimate payback, to take this man away from Grace and see him shine.

“I’m not interested in becoming a star. As for your BMW, take good care of it,” Jason replied casually.

Maria felt insulted as she said, “Do you know who I am? I can make you…”

“Oh? What can you do to me?” Jason asked as he looked at her coldly.

Suddenly, Maria felt a chill traipse up her spine.

Jason ignored the two women.

After Grace had made the payment, she and Jay walked away with the mobile phone that they had just purchased.

Mia tugged at Maria, asking, “Are you doing all right?”

Maria bit her lip and replied, “I’m fine!”

But she felt threatened by that man. Their gaze from him seemed to be telling her that he was superior and he could crush her at any time.

She’d thought she’d had the upper hand the entire time, and now…she felt like she’d made some grave mistake.

However, that man was some loser, dating an ex-con and wearing a cheap set of clothes!

She brushed the thoughts away. The man was beneath her. And that b*tch Grace… she was finally getting what she deserved.

Mia pulled Maria along with her to shop and eat. After a while, when the two of them were at the car park outside the market, Maria received a text message.

At the same time, a man in a black suit walked over to her, saying amicably, “Are you Miss Martin? We have transferred 85,000 dollars to your account, which is based on the depreciation value of your new car. I believe that you have received the money.”

Maria was stunned. The man had to be referring to the 85k that she had just received in the text message.

The man turned around and lifted his hand to make a gesture. Suddenly, a few men in black suits started to smash Maria’s BMW with hammers.

Maria and Mia were shocked. Maria screamed, “What are you doing? Call the police. I’m making a police report!”

“Miss Martin, you’ve received the money, thus this car no longer belongs to you. I have the right to smash it!” The man smiled.

“No. I have no intention to sell my car. You can’t smash my car!” Maria wanted to stop them, but the few men ignored her and continued to smash the car. Within a short while, the beautiful car looked like a scrapper.

“You… you…” Maria was so angry that she started to shiver. She almost lost the grip of her phone.

“If Miss Martin wishes to make a police report, you may go ahead. However, I have records of our transaction.” The man continued saying, “What can one do? My boss doesn’t like your car. Miss Martin, please get a more pleasant-looking car in the future, lest it gets smashed again.”

After saying that, the man and the few men who had demolished her Beamer left.

Many people crowded around to watch the scene. When Maria turned her head, she saw that Grace and the man by the name of Jay were looking in her direction not far away from her.

Maria felt rage beat at her heart, and she almost exploded. She had just flaunted her new car to them, but in the next instant, the car was smashed before their very eyes.

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