Mr. Stone and His Assistant's Entangled Love

Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love novel PDF Download


It started as a marriage of convenience, but Heather Turner developed feelings while Wesley Stone remained emotionless. Her one-sided love was pushed to its limit when he ordered her to undergo a procedure.

Alas, she abandoned all dignity and pleaded for the chance to bring their child into the world.

Book Review

“Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love” is a riveting and deeply moving romance novel that explores the complexity and intensity of true love. This work stands out for its smooth story and impressive characters, which transport the reader into a world full of passion.

The story of “Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love” centers on Heather Turner, who, after a series of setbacks, discovers the feeling and possibility of a great love in the man Wesley Stone. Initially unwilling to give in to this feeling, Heather Turner discovers that Wesley Stone’s love is deeper than she ever imagined, forcing her to face her own fears and insecurities.

The author builds the plot deftly, developing the relationship between Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love with sensitivity and realism. The authors explore themes of contract marriage, painful love and love after marriage, showing that true love can heal wounds and change lives.

“Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love” is a compelling book in its handling of love and relationships with intensity and authenticity. The author makes us believe in the power of true love and confront our fears and limitations in the name of happiness.

With captivating writing and an all-encompassing story, “Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love” is a must-read for anyone looking for true love. Reading makes us reflect on the importance of allowing ourselves to love and be loved, even in the face of the adversities and challenges life throws at us.

Embark on the loving journey of Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love as the couple shows us that deep love can overcome any obstacle and change lives. “Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love” is a beautiful romance novel that will remain etched in the memories and hearts of all those lucky enough to share it.

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Mr. Stone and His Assistant's Entangled Love

Free Preview of “Mr. Stone and His Assistant’s Entangled Love”

Heather Turner clenched her fist around the pregnancy test and stared at the two lines for quite some time.

Sitting in the restroom, she searched her memory to figure out when it happened. It’s probably last month.

Heather had followed Wesley Stone to Baytonville on a business trip and the hotel suite they stayed at had run out of condoms.

She had felt woozy after taking a dip in the hot spring. Even as Wesley pressed her against the bed, she was still a little out of it. It was a night of passion, but by the next day, it seemed as if nothing happened. When she opened her eyes in the morning, Wesley was already all dressed up in his suit and was putting on his tie.

Before he left, he reminded her, “Remember to get the morning-after pill.”

Well, it wasn’t to say that Heather had a poor memory. However, she had been too busy at the time. It wasn’t easy working for Wesley. He was strict about professionalism and didn’t give her any preferential treatment.

Several more days passed before Heather was finally done with her work and recalled the need to eat the contraceptive pill, and it was too late. At the time, she figured it wouldn’t be that easy for her to get pregnant.

Heather snapped out of her reverie and tossed the pregnancy test into the trash can with a neutral expression. She calmly stepped out of the cubicle and washed her face with some cold water to clear her head. Once she was done washing her face, she looked up and stared into her reflection.

She was at a loss right now. What should I do?

When Heather went back to the office, the new assistant quickly grabbed her. “Someone’s causing a scene again, Miss Turner.”

Heather hummed in acknowledgment. She was used to it by now. “Who is it?”

The assistant pointed at the woman on the other side of the door who still looked smug and haughty despite being denied entry. “It’s Miss Keys again.”

She was said to be Wesley’s ex-girlfriend. However, he had broken up with her less than two months after they had gotten together.

Since the breakup, the woman, Daniella Keys, had caused a scene at the company twice now, but every single time she came, she would be escorted out of the building without even getting to see Wesley.

Heather rubbed her temples. In the past, she had been entirely in her element whenever she had to deal with the women around Wesley. Yet, for some reason, she felt inexplicably irritated today.

“I’ll deal with it,” she said.

Heather walked over to Daniella whom she surveyed with a somewhat pitiful look. Perhaps some of the pity she felt was for herself too.

Nothing good came out of falling in love with Wesley.

You’d get what you want if you’re just after his money, but for me to long for his heart was nothing more than a fool’s fantasy.

Wesley was very generous to all the women he had been with. He wasn’t a scrooge with them and he would compensate them well when he broke up with them.

Heather had been the one who took care of the compensation this time. It included a large apartment in the city center, along with expensive jewelry and a huge sum of money.

“Mr. Stone isn’t in the office right now, Miss Keys. If you wish to see him, perhaps you can get in touch with him directly.”

Well, Daniella made the trip to the company precisely because she couldn’t get in touch with Wesley. She couldn’t bear to lose a man as accomplished and remarkable as Wesley.

Even at his young age, he was already the president of the company and the one who held real power over the entire business. He was a handsome man with a bright future. It was worth it just to sleep with him.

Daniella wanted nothing more than to latch onto Wesley, and she did fall in love with him. Initially, she thought that she was special to him too, so she didn’t expect him to be this heartless toward her.

“I’m going to stay right here and wait for him.”

“I’m sure you understand Mr. Stone by now. He likes obedient people. Displeasing him will not do you any good,” Heather warned patiently. “Allow me to be frank with you. He has already compensated you well for the breakup. With all the men there are in this world, why must you cause such a scene over Mr. Stone?”

Daniella was afraid of pissing Wesley off too. Although he seemed like a well-mannered gentleman, he was an aloof and apathetic man at heart. It was true that angering him wouldn’t do her any good.

She bit her lip. “I’ll look for him myself then!” Heather exhaled and had the assistant escort Daniella out.

The employees in the secretary’s office were discussing among themselves. Noel couldn’t help but grumble beside Heather, “Mr. Stone is surrounded by women. I wonder what kind of woman would finally make him settle down.”

Heather didn’t know the answer either.

“But, even if she becomes Mrs. Stone, I’m sure she’d feel terrible dealing with all these women who keep appearing every day,” Noel added.

Heather agreed with this. She did feel terrible being Wesley’s wife.

Heather and Wesley had been married for over six months now. Thanks to an extremely melodramatic accident, the two of them ended up in bed together. Luck hadn’t been on their side either.

Wesley’s mother just so happened to see Heather walking out of Wesley’s bedroom dressed in his shirt and assumed that she was Wesley’s girlfriend.

All along, Wesley’s mother had been fretting over his marriage, and on that day itself, she immediately invited Heather over to Stone Residence for a meal.

It just so happened that Wesley was fed up with his mother’s incessant nagging for him to get married and all the blind dates she arranged for him. Thus, he decided to ask Heather to marry him on the basis of it being a marriage of convenience with no feelings involved.

Heather needed money and Wesley needed a fake marriage.

Thus, the two of them got married.

Wesley would give her a large sum every month as remuneration and also paid for her mother’s exorbitant hospital fees. Heather’s job was to act like the perfect wife in front of Wesley’s mother and to never fall in love with him.

Wesley was in love with someone. Heather had known about this a long time ago, but she refused to dwell on it as her heart would feel as if it was being pricked with a thousand needles.

She had seen Wesley in the prime of his youth and the way he showered his grandest displays of affection on that girl.

“Miss Turner, Mr. Stone wants you to bring some coffee to him.”


Heather went to the pantry to make a cup of black coffee before knocking on Wesley’s door and walking into his office.

Wesley was dressed in a black shirt and his sleeves were slightly rolled up. He glanced at her with an indifferent expression.

Heather set the cup of coffee down. The words “I’m pregnant” were stuck in her throat. She couldn’t get them out.

Wesley raised his eyebrows. His dark eyes were fixed on her. “Is there anything else?”

Heather swallowed the words back down.

“Nope. I’ll go back out now,” she replied.

Wesley hummed in acknowledgment without asking any further.

After heading home that night, Heather showered and got in bed, but she couldn’t fall asleep.

Later that night, Wesley entered the bedroom while vaguely smelling of cigarette smoke.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt before heading into the bathroom for a shower. Then, he came back out with his hair half-dry and flung his arm around her waist. His long, elegant fingers pressed against her back and slowly moved their way up.

Wesley bent down to kiss Heather.

She couldn’t avoid him.

All of a sudden, Heather shoved him away. She was flushed red as she declared breathlessly, “I don’t want to do it tonight, Mr. Stone.”

Wesley’s lips slowly formed a straight line. He eyed her thoughtfully. “Are you upset?”

Heather shook her head. “No. I just don’t feel well.”

She couldn’t tell whether or not Wesley believed her, but she was certain that he wouldn’t be touching her tonight. He would never stoop so low as to force himself onto someone. He only liked it when it was an exchange between two willing partners.

Wesley studied her for a while before casually asking, “Is it because of Daniella Keys?”

Heather didn’t respond. Perhaps it was true that a woman’s temper grew worse when she was pregnant. She wasn’t in the mood to talk right now and didn’t want to put up an act either.

Wesley didn’t plan on explaining to her that he didn’t have anything to do with Daniella.

Though he was a little displeased, it didn’t show on his face. He pursed his lips and said, “You should sleep early then.”

Heather clutched the blanket tightly and called out to him just as he was about to leave. “I dreamt that I was pregnant last night. What happens if I do get pregnant?”

Wesley stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at her coolly. “You haven’t forgotten our marital agreement, right?”

His tone was just as indifferent. “Don’t worry. We won’t be having any children.”

Heather nodded. Her voice was barely above a whisper as she answered, “I understand.”

She did understand.

Wesley was a reasonable man. He was willing to discuss anything and everything—as long as it didn’t involve feelings.

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