Love Like You Never Loved Before Novel Chapter 2 Free Online (Yvonne and Christopher Novel)

I was rendered speechless.
Then I felt Christopher’s hand slowly move up my leg, lifting my skirt up and touching the inside of my thighs.
I instinctively tried to close my legs, but his knee slid in between them before I could do so. He proceeded to kiss me fiercely, starting with my lips and moving all the way down my neck.
My breathing quickened, flames licking at me from the inside.
“Did you just take a shower?” he asked all of a sudden. “You smell like milk soap. Don’t shower next time; I’d prefer your natural scent.”
“I have body odor. I doubt you’d like me if I didn’t shower.” Of course, it was a joke, and I merely wanted to see his reaction.
He immediately froze, his lips still pressed to my stomach in the middle of a kiss.
I thought that he was going to kick me out the very next second. Instead, he lifted his head to give me another disarmingly charming smile.
Then, he gripped my waist and pulled me toward him in one swift movement. In the blink of an eye, I felt the sharp pain of his length filling me up, and my arms grabbed onto him reflexively.
He seemed happy with my reaction, gazing at me warmly as he firmly held the back of my head in place so that he could kiss me.
The repetitive movements of his hips were hurting me, and I must have accidentally scratched his back out of sheer pain. Despite that, he didn’t even flinch, merely lowering me back onto the bed and pausing briefly to ask, “Are you nervous?”
When I replied “no,” he nibbled at my lips. “Then loosen up.”
“I feel quite loose already, though.”
He let out a bark of laughter. “Then I must be too big for you.”

While I was rolling my eyes in exasperation, he added, “Right?” However, before I could ask what he was talking about, he suddenly picked up his pace. I cried out in pain, my vision growing blurry with tears.
I was grateful that we were in a five-star hotel with soundproof walls.
The realization that this a**hole was asking me whether or not I thought his length was too big dawned upon me.
Nevertheless, I had to admit that he was good at this.
“Ah!” The pain I felt down there made me yelp out once more. His thrusts had abruptly increased in speed and depth as if he was venting his frustration.
“Wait, stop…” I tried to push him away. “You didn’t put on a condom…”
“I can’t stop…” He bit down on my neck, his movements growing even more powerful and desperate than before.
After what seemed like an eternity, I finally collapsed onto his sweaty body, completely drained of all energy.
Just like that, I drifted off to sleep.
When I finally came to, the sun hadn’t risen yet. He was lying next to me with his face buried in my hair and his arm thrown over my shoulder, sleeping soundly as he used my body as a human pillow.
I should probably tell him that I also shampooed my hair.
But instead of doing so, I carefully pushed his arm off of me, trying to get out of bed and put my clothes back on without waking him. To my chagrin, I fell back into bed with a simple tug of his arm, finding myself trapped in his embrace once more.
I turned to meet his sleepy, half-lidded gaze. “Yvonne,” he mumbled out calmly.
For some reason, I was the one suddenly overcome with nervousness. “I…”
“You?” He blinked at me with his long lashes, opening his mouth as if to continue although no words came out. For some unknown reason, I squirmed uncomfortably.
After a beat of hesitation, I reached forward and looped an arm around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. “What a coincidence,” I smiled at him. “I was just in the mood for some fun last night. I didn’t think I’d bump into you.”

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