Love Like You Never Loved Before Novel Chapter 15 Free Online (Yvonne and Christopher Novel)

Upon hearing my words, he forgot about his displeasure moments ago and pressed his hand to my forehead nervously, testing whether or not I had a fever. “Okay, wait a minute. I’ll make it right now.”
The moment he left the room, I hopped off the bed and hurriedly took out a pregnancy test kit from the drawer. I then hid in the bathroom and locked the door in a panic.
In fact, I had bought that pregnancy test kit two years ago. Never did I expect that I would use it in such a difficult situation.
Now that I think about it, has it expired?
Taking advantage of the fact that Lyle was not there, I quickly took the test and waited for the result nervously. Deep down, I prayed hard, begging for it to be negative.
However, the test result showed two lines. Perhaps it is my retribution for cheating.
At that moment, I felt as though I was struck by lightning. My legs gave way, and I almost fell to the ground.
I was not panicking because I was pregnant but because I did not know whose child it was.
While my mind was in disarray, my phone kept ringing. Christopher’s name appeared on the screen, causing me to become even more upset, and I hung up the call directly.
Yet, within a second, he called again.

After hanging up again, I sent him a text: ?
He replied almost immediately: Are you okay?
The next second, he messaged me again: Did he make things difficult for you? I’m coming in now.
The moment I saw that message, I was scared out of my wits, and I hurriedly replied: Don’t!
He hesitated for a while before he asked: Why? You’re just gonna push me away after having your way with me?
He had probably realized that I was fine, thus beginning his idle chatter again.
However, I was not in the mood for that. Oh gosh, I feel like dying now, and you’re teasing me?
Just then, I heard rapid footsteps from outside; Lyle must have come back. Hence, I tidied myself and hid the pregnancy test kit, then regained my composure before I walked out.
He put down the cup of brown sugar tea and came to help me. “Why didn’t you ask me to help you to the toilet? Weren’t you feeling dizzy? What if you fall?”
Before I exited the bathroom, I had already decided to conceal my pregnancy and get a divorce as soon as possible. I was adamant about raising the child by myself.
Lyle seemed to behave differently after the incident at the park. Once he got off work, he immediately went home.
Occasionally, he would even spoil me with candlelight dinners, roses, or chocolates.
If he had done that in the past, I would have been overjoyed. However, I felt nothing when he showered me with surprises now.
I was already familiar with his temperament after being married to him for two years. After all, the harder it was to get something, the more they wanted it.

In the past, he only thought of me as a housewife who had no saying in the family. But now that Christopher came into the picture, he was panic-stricken all of a sudden.
Although I accepted Lyle’s kind gestures, I would later discuss divorce matters with a lawyer in secret.
What I did might be a little unscrupulous, but the Smiths were no ordinary family; they were affluent and powerful. Hence, if I did not make full preparations, I would not even be able to step out of their front door.
For the past few days, Lyle had been spending all his time with me. Thus, I slowly counted the days to see how long Bianca could tolerate before she took action.
Sure enough, I only had peace for less than a week before she finally came over to have a showdown.
The moment the doorbell rang, I already had a gut feeling that it was her.
Lyle had his own keys, so there was no need for him to ring the doorbell. Moreover, I had not seen Christopher for many days, and it was unlikely that he would visit so suddenly. As for Wendy, she was probably still too angry to turn up.
I cracked open the door and gave the visitor a once-over, starting from the bottom. What greeted my eyes first were a pair of fair, slender legs. With a pink scarf tied around her neck, she wore a figure-hugging mini skirt and a backless halter top, looking sexy and glamorous.
At that moment, she stood at the door with her arms crossed and her chin slightly raised, proud as a peacock.
She gave me a sidelong glance with a disdainful expression.
Indeed, that was exactly how a mistress was looking at the wife of her lover. She must not have had the spouse of a lover strip her and had her nudes taken before.

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