Love Like You Never Loved Before Novel Chapter 14 Free Online (Yvonne and Christopher Novel)

I had been married to Lyle for two years, which was also the amount of time I waited to carry a child. However, I had not gotten pregnant at all during the past two years. So how did I get pregnant all of a sudden? Moreover, it happened during the period in which I had slept with Christopher.
I was overcome with anxiety, for I was not sure who the child belonged to.
Furthermore, regardless of whether the child was Christopher’s or Lyle’s, the outcome was not what I had hoped for.
After all, I was already planning to get a divorce, so having a child would only be an extra burden to me.
Just then, Lyle came back with a glass of water. He carefully helped me up and said, “Here’s your water, dear. Drink it slowly. It’s a bit hot.”
Afterward, he gently blew on the water to cool it down before slowly bringing it close to my mouth. As though he was worried that I would burn myself, he watched me like a hawk.
Calm down, Yvonne. You have to calm down.
Although I was so nervous that my entire back was drenched with sweat, I still pretended to be calm as I took the cup. “I can do it myself.”

In the past, a single greeting from him used to make me happy for two days. However, his actions only made me feel awkward at that moment.
Without saying a word, he sat by the bedside and stared at me until I felt a little uneasy.
I was so worried that he would notice something amiss, and my palms started sweating. Although I could have finished the glass in two gulps, I sipped on it for half an hour instead.
Initially, I thought he would lose patience and leave soon. However, he was in a good mood that day and waited until I finished drinking.
Since I had no other choice, I could only finish the water and hand him the cup. After that, I muttered, “I’m a little tired. I’m going to sleep.”
He then grabbed onto me and said, “Wait a minute. I have something to ask you.”
Can you not?
Unbeknownst to me, I was gripping my phone tightly in the midst of my panic, and the screen was displaying Christopher’s contact.
He pulled me into an upright position, and his hands suddenly reached out to hold my shoulders.
Thinking that he was going to hit me again, I trembled and tried to retreat.
However, there was no room for me to move, for the bed and wall were directly behind me.
To my surprise, he apologized, “I’m sorry, dear.”
“Huh?” Am I hearing things?
He then repeated himself, “Dear, it was my fault. Please forgive me.”
Finally, I heard it clearly that time. He really is apologizing to me.

However, I did not understand why he was doing so. Because he misunderstood the situation and hit me? Although, it wasn’t a misunderstanding. Or is he going to admit to his cheating? He’d better not. Otherwise, it would become my fault instead if I don’t forgive him.
However, I had clearly overthought things. As an explanation for his cheating, he said, “I had a social gathering today and drank a little too much. I was afraid I’d smother you with the smell if I came back, so I went to take a walk with Bianca to help me sober up.”
Bianca? Oh right, his mistress. I almost forgot that her name is Bianca.
I merely replied with an “Oh.”
Unable to figure out what I was thinking, he said, “I won’t do it again in the future, dear. Please forgive me.”
Yeah, right. However, I kept my thoughts to myself, merely humming in reply.
He then said, “If there’s anywhere you want to go next time, remember to tell me. I’ll make time to accompany you.”
The implication in his words was that he still doubted Christopher and me, and he wanted me to keep a distance from Christopher.
Although I was a little disheartened, I knew that it was for the best. After all, it was time to put an end to our ambiguous relationship. “I won’t meet him alone next time.”
With my assurance, he immediately smiled. “That’s my girl.”
Having said that, he pulled me into a hug, wanting to get intimate with me. However, I wriggled out of his arms. In truth, I wasn’t angry at him. I merely felt awkward and no longer wanted to have any physical contact with him.
However, he seemed upset about it. Seeing as he was about to throw a tantrum, I quickly changed the subject. “I still feel a little dizzy, Darling. Please help me make a cup of brown sugar tea.”

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