Love Like You Never Loved Before Novel Chapter 13 Free Online (Yvonne and Christopher Novel)

However, he had a point. No one would go out so late at night, except those with ulterior motives. For instance, the man and woman turning the corner about ten meters ahead.
I patted him and gestured at them with my chin. “Your friend’s here.”
He glanced over indifferently, then kissed me on the cheek when I was not paying attention. Only then did he reluctantly let go of me. “Definitely not mine.”
The pair arrived just as we stood up.
The moment Lyle saw me, his expression darkened. “You, you…”
He stuttered for some time but did not manage to finish his sentence.
Yet, although he was inarticulate, his eyesight was good. Almost immediately, he noticed that Christopher was beside me. With that, his face fell even more.
Initially, I thought that he would just lash out at me right there and then. However, instead of doing so, he stepped forward and gave me a tight slap.

Stunned, I was overwhelmed with indignation. But you were the one who cheated on me first!
It was apparent that Lyle had completely forgotten that his mistress was still beside him. Just then, Christopher pulled me behind him before he questioned in a disdainful tone, “Lyle, don’t you think it’s unseemly for you to slap Eve when you brought another woman to the park at this hour?”
Lyle froze for a moment. Then, he discreetly shook off the woman’s hand. “This is my family matter. You don’t need to worry about it. Also, you’re not in the place to call her Eve. You’d better take care of your other dalliances first.”
As soon as he was done speaking, he came over and grabbed my hand. However, I flung his hand away. It was the same one that he used to hold that woman just now. “Don’t touch me after you have touched another woman.”
He had probably not expected that I would go against him. As a result, he stood rooted to the spot with an unfathomable expression.
However, no thief would admit to stealing. He merely froze for a moment before immediately disguising his guilt with rage. “Great. I’ve suspected you two for a long time now. Previously, for some reason, you two shared the same bowl. When Mom told me that you two were being fishy, I even made up excuses for you.”
Well, he was not wrong. After all, I did cheat on him by getting involved in a love affair with Christopher. Thus, I had nothing to say about that.
However, I was infuriated that he had the audacity to accuse me of being unfaithful when he was the one who cheated first. How bold and thick-skinned.
Christopher sneered as he retorted, “What a shame. We only shared a bowl, unlike both of you who’ve already slept in the same bed.”
“You!” Lyle said furiously. Knowing that he could not win the argument, he decided to take action instead.
Seeing that the situation was gradually getting out of hand, I was afraid that they would actually get into a fight, intending to pull them apart. However, before I could do anything, I suddenly felt dizzy, and my legs went weak, causing me to slump onto the ground.

I’ve taken my meal just now, so why’s my blood sugar so low?
Christopher wanted to help me up, but Lyle pushed him away.
As my head was spinning, I could only let Lyle leave with me in his arms.
Once we were home, he acted unusually caring toward me. “How do you feel, dear? Are you still dizzy? I’ll go get you a glass of warm water.”
At first, I was a little moved by his kind gesture. However, as soon as I heard the words “warm water,” those feelings faded away instantly.
It seems that warm water is the cure to everything. Whenever I have cramps or I’m down with a cold, he would ask me to drink it. But I’m dizzy now, so what’s the use of drinking warm water? You might as well make a cup of sugared water.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t be bothered to correct him as I knew that it would be pointless.
Seeing as I did not speak, he assumed that I had agreed and dashed out of the room.
Meanwhile, I lay back on the bed and rested. Although my world no longer spun, I was still a little dizzy. Moreover, I felt nauseous and had a strong urge to vomit.
Nausea, vomit…
At that moment, an ominous thought flashed across my mind. Have I missed my period for two months? What are the early symptoms of pregnancy?
I quickly picked up my phone. Right then, a notification popped up. It was a message from Christopher: You okay? I’m outside the door.
Ignoring him, I hastily typed out a few words and began to search for answers while a shiver ran down my spine.
How is it possible…
I felt like the world was coming to an end.

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