Love Like You Never Loved Before Novel Chapter 12 Free Online (Yvonne and Christopher Novel)

He then texted: You really suck at cooking.
I replied: So, will you cook for me again next time?
He did not reply for a long time. Just when I thought that I had been a bit too rude, he finally texted: If you eat my food, I’ll have to eat you.
Rendered speechless, I replied: Haven’t you already done that many times?
He then messaged: I have, but it’s still not enough.
Not enough…
I laughed and texted back: You’re the incapable one, but you’re blaming it on me?
He immediately replied: I was just afraid that you would get tired. Otherwise, I can guarantee that you won’t be able to get out of bed for three days.
This guy and his dirty talk. Merely reading his messages caused my face to heat up.

For the next few days, we continued to maintain such conversations via text. Every time we finished texting, I would always delete the chat records in case Lyle saw them.
However, Christopher never came again, and I assumed it was because he was busy.
Two days later, he suddenly sent me a location and texted: Come out.
After clicking it open, I realized that the location was the park near my home. Why did he go there? To take a stroll?
Just as I was hesitating whether or not to go, a new WhatsApp message came in. It read: Hurry up. It’s hot.
Hot? It’s winter now…
I replied: What’s hot?
He messaged back: My heart.
A little confused, I then texted back: Huh?
He replied: I want you. There was a pitiful-looking emoticon at the end of the message.
I had to admit that he was really good at flirting.
Without hesitation, I put on a random coat and headed out. After all, Lyle would not be back that early.
When I got there, he was sitting at a pavilion in the park. Dressed in a black suit and a white shirt, he looked a bit tired with ruffled hair and his tie casually pulled aside.
As soon as he saw me, he broke into a smile and stood up. Stretching his hands out, he said warmly, “Come here, Eve.”
I was stunned for a moment, feeling touched. Other than my parents, he was the only one who called me that. Even Lyle only called me Yvonne.
As though I was possessed, I obediently walked over and put my hand in his.
His palms were large, while his fingers were pale and thin. Gently but firmly, he then pulled me into his arms.
He seemed to have had a bit to drink but still appeared to be sober. “I missed you so much, Eve.”
Upon hearing his slightly hoarse voice, my heart skipped a beat. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Without even realizing it myself, I was overcome by a strong urge to care for him.
He hugged me tightly, his chin resting on my head as he replied softly, “I’m fine. Just a little tired.”
I was slightly relieved at that. “If you’re tired, then go back, take a bath, and sleep well. Why’d you come over here?”
He suddenly smiled and asked, “Are you reprimanding me? Feeling sorry for me?”
I was taken aback by his question. Indeed, I felt sorry for him, although I did not even notice when I started to have such feelings.
I knew that we were playing with fire. I haven’t even gotten myself out of the situation with Lyle, so how can I get involved with Christopher too?
Conflicted, I pushed him away, trying to keep a distance from him while not making it too obvious.
However, he pulled me back again and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was so passionate that I almost melted in his arms.
I noticed that it was different from his previous kisses. Although it was just as intense as before, this one was a little more desperate. It was as though he found a bottle of water when he was dying of thirst.
He held me tightly in his arms as we made out, and soon, I was out of breath. With the remaining strength left in me, I reached out to push him away.
It was slightly embarrassing that I was defeated by a mere kiss when we finally met up.
A long while later, Christopher let go of me reluctantly and licked my lips. He then shot me a charming smile.
Meanwhile, I slumped in his arms, gasping for breath weakly.
He carried me and sat back on the bench. “I said you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for three days, didn’t I?”
Tsk, he really holds grudges.
Just as he leaned in for another kiss, I raised my hand to block him. “Don’t. Others will see.”
Pulling my hand away, he said, “Who would come here so late at night? I wouldn’t either if it weren’t to eat you.”
I was speechless at his words.

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