Irresistible To My Glamorous Ex-wife

Irresistible To My Glamorous Ex-wife by Cliff Truss PDF Download


Before the divorce, everyone thought that Belinda was just a housewife who was good at nothing. Even her then-husband, Russell, believed this.

However, after the divorce, it was soon revealed that she was the eldest daughter of the Lindfield family. She was proficient in not only designing, but she was also a shrewd businesswoman who knew how to turn a profit. She had several brothers who doted on her. Various handsome men chased after her, determined to win her heart.

When she crossed paths with Russell again, she lifted her chin proudly and asked, “Do you regret divorcing me?”

Russell replied, “Yes. How about remarrying me?”

Chapter 1 Apologize Or Divorce


An ear-piercing scream shattered the peaceful atmosphere in the Kameron family villa.

It was Rena Kameron’s 80th birthday party today, and the guests had gathered in the living room, chatting merrily. They now all turned alertly in the direction of the scream.

At the foot of the stairs, Cassidy Bradley was curled into a ball, writhing in pain. Her arms and legs were covered in bruises, which stood out against her flawless skin. She even had a busted lip, and blood dribbled down her chin.

Aghast and shocked, the crowd looked up the staircase, where a woman was standing at the top with an expressionless face.

Belinda Fletcher?

Immediately, the guests exchanged knowing looks. They could roughly guess what had happened.

They started to scold Belinda relentlessly. “You should’ve talked to Russell first instead of bullying this woman!”

“Indeed! A mature woman wouldn’t resort to violence even when it comes to another woman. Rather, she should’ve learned to tame her husband!”

Belinda clenched her fists tightly. She was so pissed that she couldn’t find any words to retort at the moment.

Those bystanders clearly had no interest in finding out the truth. They were too busy pointing fingers at Belinda with contempt and sneers.

Although Belinda and Russell Kameron were married, it was known to all in Eimbury that Belinda had practically snatched Russell away from Cassidy.

It was already gracious of Cassidy to not have taken revenge on that home-wrecker!

Belinda, on the other hand, hadn’t stopped making things difficult for Cassidy since then.

At this moment, Russell quietly emerged from the crowd, frowning at the scene in front of him.

When they saw how displeased he looked, someone couldn’t help but take pleasure in the spicy incident. “Russell, you’re finally here. Your wife was just bullying this poor woman!”

Hearing this uncalled-for comment, Russell frowned.

He hurried to Cassidy’s side, his eyes wrought with worry. “Are you okay, Cassidy? What happened?”

“I’m fine… It’s not Belinda’s fault… Sh-she didn’t do it on purpose. It’s actually me. I was just being clumsy…” Cassidy stammered in a feeble voice.

Not her fault?

Russell knew his wife very well. Belinda would do anything in her power to achieve her goal!

Russell flew into a rage and acted on impulse as soon as he heard Cassidy’s side of the story. He rushed up the stairs and hissed at Belinda, “Apologize to Cassidy at once!”

His voice was so cold and indifferent, it was almost as if he was ordering a lowly slave instead of his wife. Belinda could feel her heart sinking to her stomach.


Her own husband didn’t even bother to hear her side of the story and chose to believe Cassidy’s account without question. How ironic!

With a bitter smile, Belinda raised her chin stubbornly and countered, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I apologize to her?”

“Is that so? Are you saying that Cassidy just rolled down from the staircase on her own?!”

“That’s exactly what happened. She wants everyone to think that I pushed her down the stairs!”

Hearing this lame excuse, the guests burst into laughter and pointed at Belinda with scornful expressions.

How could anyone be stupid enough to roll down the stairs on their own accord?

Who would risk their own life just to set another person up?

No one would believe such a crazy story!

Including Russell.

Scowling, he grabbed Belinda without warning and dragged her down the stairs. Being caught off guard, Belinda lost her balance and her forehead slammed into the stair railing, which swelled up immediately.

But Russell had no pity on her at all. On the contrary, he said sarcastically, “Bravo! You deserve it! Now, apologize to Cassidy!”

“No. I didn’t do anything wrong.” Belinda shook her head stubbornly.

It was true! She had done nothing wrong!

How could she apologize for something she didn’t do?!

“Russell, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I don’t want you to fight with your wife over me.”

At this time, Cassidy, who was sitting on the ground, rubbing her bruises with a pained expression, tried to mediate the situation.

However, her approach only served to make Russell even angrier. He glared at Belinda with unmasked rage, wondering how a woman could be so vicious.

He grabbed Belinda’s chin roughly and snarled through gritted teeth, “Apologize or divorce. Make your choice!”

Belinda was taken aback by his resolute attitude. The crowd immediately broke into hushed whispers, gossiping about the couple in front of them heatedly. She, on the other hand, just stood there in silence.

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