I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 9 Is Your Family Going Bankrupt? (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

Luna smiled, entered the elevator, and walked straight in the direction of the president’s office. Once she arrived at the door, she heard an idle voice from inside, asking, “Alana, is that you?”
The two ladies froze at the door and stared at Kevin in utter astonishment. It didn’t help that the man had also personally come out of the office to greet them.
Eventually, it was Luna who reacted first. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Stewart. I’m Alana and also the owner of L.Moon, Luna Smith.”
Although he was shaking hands with Luna, Kevin fixed his gaze on Abigail. “She is…”
“She is my assistant,” Luna explained hastily.
Kevin almost burst into laughter upon hearing that. Then, he turned around and teased the person inside, “Sean, is your family going bankrupt?”
Abigail followed his gaze and looked inside. Unfortunately for her, she immediately saw a familiar figure sitting on the couch with his back facing the door.
Abigail could still recognize it was Sean at a glance even if it was merely a silhouette. Hence, she couldn’t help but curl her lips in annoyance. It’s true when they say opponents always stumble upon one another. Look at us! I can’t believe I would meet him here after we didn’t get to meet at the City Hall this morning.
Likewise, Sean was looking at her with apparent suspicion in his eyes.
The oblivious Kevin shifted his gaze between the two as he smiled and said, “Miss Smith, I have been waiting for your arrival. Please come in.”
Abigail looked away nonchalantly and followed Luna, who was trying her best to play the role of an assistant.
Now that the cooperation between East Joy Talent and L.Moon was practically finalized, all that remained was Kevin’s final decision.
Although Luna wasn’t the real Alana, she still knew her design concept and strength thoroughly by heart from her years as Abigail’s best friend. Hence, she wasn’t afraid of being not-so-subtly interrogated.
Soon, it was time to sign the contract.
Unexpectedly, Kevin pushed the contract aside and said with a smile, “Miss Smith, there’s no rush in signing the contract. Before we sign the contract, I have a presumptuous request. There is a friend of mine who would like to ask you to design a dress that is solely for him. This isn’t included in the contract, so I’ll let you set the price. Of course, this is only if the dress could be completed before our company’s fashion gala next month.”
Only Sean was the other person present in the huge office other than Kevin that wasn’t from L.Moon Studio. Hence, even a fool could figure out who this friend was.
Therefore, Luna shot Kevin a faint smile as she inwardly cursed him to hell and back. Meanwhile, she outwardly replied in a polite manner, “Mr. Stewart, my husband has just passed away recently, so I’m afraid I can’t design a dress that will satisfy your friend’s needs. I don’t want to spoil such a joyous event and ruin your friendship.”
After that, she stood up without hesitation and picked up the contract. “Since you still need time to consider our cooperation, I shall take this contract with me. We still have other businesses to attend to. So, we shall take our leave.”
“Wait!” Kevin stretched out his hand, attempting to ask them to stay. I was just casually bringing up the topic. I never said I wouldn’t sign the contract!

To his dismay, the two clearly had no intention of sticking around any longer, for they simply departed without even a backward glance.
When Kevin quickly realized that the famous Alana, who finally agreed to meet him, took off just like that, he focused his gaze on Sean suspiciously. “Hey! Abigail is Alana’s assistant. So, why didn’t you just ask her for help?” Instead, he still needs to indirectly communicate through me!
“Did you two have a fight?” Kevin mumbled to himself, “It doesn’t seem like it. When her car hit my car earlier during her arrival, her eyes still lit up at the mention of you.”
Lit up? Well, of course, it did. However, it didn’t light up because of love. Instead, it’s because of money.
Sean gave him a cold look before stating, “Your father was right in not naming you as the successor of the Stewarts.” He will lose all the wealth his family has built for years sooner or later.
After that, he grabbed his coat, got up, and left.

Once Abigail stepped out of the building, she sneezed loudly. Then, she rubbed her eyes and snappishly speculated the two gentlemen were criticizing her harshly in the office.
As for Luna, she immediately took off her sunglasses and spat, “That good-for-nothing Graham! You have yet to divorce him, but he dares to pull off such a dishonest act?! In my opinion, you are right to file a divorce. It’s best to cut ties with a sc*mbag like him before it’s too late!”
Since she had always been a hot-tempered person, she naturally didn’t hesitate when she was in the mood to scold a person. “How could he think of asking his wife to customize a dress for his mistress?! She isn’t worthy of wearing the clothes you designed!”
At this moment, Luna lashed all her frustration and resentment from having lost the opportunity to sign a profitable business deal with East Joy Talent at Sean.
Meanwhile, Abigail merely curled her lips into a bitter smile. Even though what Luna said was facts and heart-wrenching, she really didn’t feel anything now.
Currently, divorcing Sean as soon as possible was her top priority.
“We should hurry up and leave. Otherwise, we will definitely lose both the deal and our money if Kevin chases us down here and demands the money for his car,” Abigail said rationally. “Besides, why bother lowering ourselves to the same level as a lowlife?”
Sean, who chased after her, only managed to hear these words out of the entire conversation. In an instant, his face darkened in anger. First, she uses me as a decoy. Now, she calls me a lowlife?! Excellent! Truly excellent!
Abigail and Luna, on the other hand, didn’t notice his presence at all. As they chatted, they swiftly got into the car. Then, Luna started the engine and drove out of the building resolutely.
Luna was still indignant halfway through the journey. “By the way, I have successfully gotten the invitation card for East Joy Talent’s fashion gala. I will attend the gala with you that evening. If he dares to bully you, I’m going to slap him and his mistress hard in the face!”

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