I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 8 Our President Has Been Waiting for You (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

“How much does this car cost?” Luna stared at the supercar, which got caught under the back of her Volkswagen, through the rearview mirror and asked wryly, “Are both our net worths enough to pay for the damages?”
Abigail blinked and teased, “It wasn’t on purpose? I thought you hit the car because you were mad at the driver for stealing your parking space.”
“I panicked, but I certainly was no fool!” Luna’s facial expression twisted in pain at the thought of the amount of compensation she would have to pay.
Abigail leaned over to help her put the gearbox in parking mode and pulled the handbrake before opening the door and getting out of the car. “I’ll check it out.”
At the same time, the owner of the supercar stepped out too. It was a handsome man with a height of 6’2″ feet. He was wearing a pair of oversized black sunglasses, which covered half of his face and only revealed his attractive nose as well as overly rosy lips. Once he saw Abigail step out of the Volkswagen, he momentarily stopped chewing the gum in his mouth and smiled. “Miss Slim Waist, have we met before? Why do I feel you look awfully familiar?”
Likewise, Abigail thought he looked familiar too. Therefore, she approached him and took a closer look. Then, she immediately realized that the man was none other than Kevin Stewart, Sean’s closest and best friend, who grew up with him. However, she merely met him once, which was two years ago. At that time, Sean was drunk. So, she had to ferry his wasted *ss home and consequently greeted Kevin in the process.
Abigail’s eyes wandered back and forth between the disastrous state of the head of Kevin’s supercar and his face. Then, she curled her lips into a smile and tentatively called out, “Kevin?”
Kevin was taken aback. So, he raised his hand, pushed his black sunglasses up, and squinted his fox eyes as he looked at her. “Miss Slim Waist, have we indeed met before?”
“I’m Abigail Quinn.”
Kevin thought about it for a few seconds before recalling who Abigail was. Then, he reflexively straightened and greeted, “Abigail…”
She didn’t bother wasting her breath explaining her newly single status as she glanced at the head of Kevin’s supercar and said, “About your car…”
Kevin clapped his hands and continued, “It’s my fault! I was in a hurry for a meet-up, so I thought of racing for a parking space. It’s nothing serious. I’ll just claim the car insurance later.”
Thus, she smiled. “Sure. You can claim the car repair expenses from Sean.”
He swiftly dismissed her suggestion by saying, “No, I can’t do that! It’s no big deal. You can just go your own way!”
Abigail turned around and left. Once she got into the Volkswagen, she stared at Luna, who was covered in cold sweat and utterly dumbfounded. “What are you doing? Drive! Drive to the parking lot of the opposite shopping mall.”

“Oh, okay.” Although Luna remained in the car, she had heard every word between Abigail and Kevin’s conversation. Therefore, she was slightly startled. “Are you not afraid that he would tattle to Sean later?”
“I will decide what to do when that happens. Right now, all we need is to make sure we are safe through the afternoon.” Abigail looked wholly indifferent. “If we are forced to spend three hours negotiating with him, not only would we have to pay the damages, but we would also lose a business deal.” Moreover, Kevin is super close with Sean. He won’t fuss about such a trivial amount of money.
After a few seconds of silence, Abigail warned, “You will be Alana while I’ll be your assistant once we arrive at East Joy Talent later.”
Luna asked in utter bewilderment, “Why? Are you planning on giving me credit for your achievements now?”
Abigail glared at her. “Are you an idiot? What if the place where Kevin rushed to for his meet-up was in East Joy Talent? What if he finds out that I am Alana? What should I do if he tells Sean?” Furthermore, I have just announced that my husband is dead and I’m now a widow. Sean will undoubtedly kill me if he knows that I am Alana!
Luna fell silent.
The two parked the car in the shopping mall across from the building. Then, they puttered aimlessly for a while. At 3.00PM, they set off to East Joy Talent after feeling that they wouldn’t be so unlucky to bump into Kevin again.
The receptionist involuntarily took a second look at them upon hearing that they were from L.Moon Studio. “Are you Ms. Alana?” she asked in a low voice.
Since Luna was afraid of being discovered, she bought a pair of black sunglasses and put them on when she came over. She deliberately steeled her nerves before intentionally answering in a whisper, “Yes. This is my assistant.”
The receptionist led the two to the elevator as unabashed adoration appeared on her face. “Our president has been waiting for you!”

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