I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 7 Busy With Widowhood (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

Abigail’s eyebrows twitched when she heard Sean’s slightly insulting remark. He is free to attend the meeting with Joan and accompany her to try on a wedding dress, but when it comes to finalizing our divorce settlement, he is annoyed by having to wait another 20 minutes! Damn! He needs to get things straight! It is I who decided not to humiliate him and Joan by voluntarily ending our marriage, not the other way around!
When she thought of this, she attempted to calm herself down by taking a deep breath. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door from the other end of the phone. “Sean, you didn’t go to the City Hall at all, did you?” Abigail instantly changed the topic.
“Do you honestly think everyone has the habit of going back on their words like you?” Sean scoffed coldly.
When Abigail heard what he said, she became certain that he wasn’t at the City Hall. “Okay then. Take a picture of the City Hall front entrance and send it to me—”
Sean immediately hung up the phone before she could finish her sentence.
So, she tossed her phone aside as she cursed in a low voice, “Ugh! Sc*mbag!”
As for Luna, who was tidying up the clothes she had changed halfway, she joined in and rudely ragged at Sean as well. “What sort of undignified thing did he do again?”
A still fuming Abigail replied waspishly, “God knows! I admit that it’s my fault that I’m running late, so I have patiently asked him to wait a while. It turns out that he, too, didn’t go to the City Hall. Yet, he has the audacity to lose his temper!” Hah! He thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants while I don’t, eh?!
As soon as Abigail said that, Luna received a message on her phone. She picked it up and took a look at the message before rolling her eyes with contempt. Afterward, she handed her phone to Abigail, asking her to read it too. “Sean is paying a lot of money to reserve an appointment with you the day after tomorrow.”
Well, to be precise, Sean wanted to meet Alana. Well, well. For someone who couldn’t wait another 20 minutes for me, this b*stard sure has plenty of time to make an appointment to meet Alana.
Such thoughts made Abigail nearly crush the phone. Her gaze turned chilly as she said, “I’m busy with widowhood!”
At present, she only had one thought in her mind, which was divorce. I need to immediately finalize our divorce!
So, Luna retrieved her phone to play with it for a second before quoting Abigail’s statement and replying to her assistant.

After that, she placed her phone down and analyzed the situation. “Sean wants to meet you probably because he wants you to make a dress for Joan. East Joy Talent will hold a fashion gala next month, and I heard she is also on the list. Considering how private this event is, I suppose Sean has spent a large sum of money just to get her in.”
Perhaps she was numb at this point, for she no longer felt as heartache as before when she heard Luna’s words. She merely twitched the corner of her lips in disdain. Of course, he spends heavily on this. After all, not only is he getting Joan in, but he is also looking for dresses designed by Alana to aid her.
When Luna saw that Abigail was showing no reaction, she couldn’t hold back her temper and slammed her hand hard on the table. “Are you for real?! You’re actually allowing his mistress to bully you?!”
Meanwhile, Abigail remained expressionless. “If you have an idea to make Sean go bankrupt, I don’t mind joining in.” It takes two to tango. Joan won’t stand a chance to interfere with our marriage if Sean hasn’t decided to cheat on me. Ultimately, Sean was the one who failed to stay loyal to our marriage. Besides, why should I downgrade myself by quarreling with a mistress who doesn’t even know who I am?
Abigail wiped her face and hurriedly changed the subject when she saw that Luna was like a dog on a bone, refusing to let this matter go. “Didn’t you mention an important client last time?”
Luna replied in a lukewarm manner, “Oh, it’s East Joy Talent. The boss happens to be in Pendorf today, so he wants to meet you and discuss some details. But I have yet to say yes.”
East Joy Talent—an entertainment agency that houses many well-known A-list actresses. Their celebrities constantly attend various fashion events, awards ceremonies, and various parties throughout the years. As a result, their demand for dress rentals is way higher than their peers. Forget next year, our entire studio’s reputation will surely reach a higher level if we manage to cooperate with them. As soon as this thought crossed Abigail’s mind, she instantly cheered up. “What are we waiting for? Only an idiot would let go of an opportunity to earn more money! Come! Let’s go now!”
Luna rolled her eyes and hit upon an idea when her eyes laid on Abigail’s slim waist.
At 2.00PM, Abigail and Luna arrived downstairs of the East Joy Talent’s building.
Just as Luna was about to park the car, a dashing blue supercar, which was diagonally behind them, drifted and drove toward the parking space that she had seen.
This caused Luna to panic as she instinctively stepped on the gas pedal.
Like a shot, the two cars hit each other with a loud bang.

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