I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 6 Let’s Go Through the Procedures (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

Sean felt agitated as he glanced at the divorce settlement and the several cards in his hand. I simply thought she was just throwing a tantrum. How dare she think of divorcing me!
“Are you being serious right now?” He held back his anger and managed to ask through his teeth.
Abigail quirked a brow at him and replied nonchalantly, “I am dead serious. Sign it, and we will go through the procedures when both of us are free later.”
Sean looked at his wife before his eyes relentlessly as he thought, We have been married for three years, and Abigail has been fulfilling her duty as Mrs. Graham. She’s well-behaved, obedient, and kind to my family members. More so, she pleases me in every possible way. Yet, she’s like a different person now.
As he regarded her fair and lustrous face painted with impatience that was completely different from before and listened to the icy cold words that escaped her lips, he felt a knife stabbing through his heart as he realized that Abigail was truly looking forward to leaving him. So, he quickly retracted his gaze, turned around, and walked into the living room. “There’s no need for that. I will see you at the City Hall front entrance tomorrow at 9.00AM.” His indifferent voice sounded.
At first, Abigail thought that she was all prepared for this day. It was only at this moment that she truly realized that her heart was still in pain like it was getting pricked with thousands of needles. Half of her body went numb. In fact, she didn’t even know how she managed to walk out of the house.
She returned to the studio in a daze and lay on the bed, only to realize that her stomach was churning in pain after a while.
So, she hastily covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom before vomiting everything she ate and drank earlier that evening. Still, the pain in her stomach worsened instead of being relieved.
To make matters worse, whenever she suffered from digestive troubles, she would feel nothing but excruciating pain. Since she hadn’t had a relapse for a long time, she had completely forgotten about the agony she would have to endure. Therefore, she didn’t even bother taking her stomach medicine with her when she moved out. At this moment, the journey from her bathroom to her bedside could result in her back drenching in a cold sweat. Still, she gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she grabbed her phone to call Luna.
To her dismay, Luna didn’t hear her phone ringing at all as she was sleeping like a log.
As she feared she would die of pain in the studio tonight, she eventually called Sean after a great deal of hesitation. However, no one picked up during the first call. Thus, she called again. This time, it was answered after the second ring, and a soft, waxy voice sounded from the other end of the phone. As soon as Abigail heard the voice, she could tell it was Joan. “Hello? Who is it?”
He was still alone when I left the apartment just now. Yet, he’s already with Joan within seconds! Damn it! I was out of my mind to think of asking Sean for help! Thus, Abigail swiftly silenced herself instead of answering.
When Joan heard no response on the other end, she tentatively asked, “Is it you, Abigail? Are you looking for Sean?”
As she had no intention of hearing Joan say something nonsense like Sean was taking a shower, she promptly hung up the phone. Then, she curled up on the carpet, frowned, and blocked all of Sean’s contact.
Then, she suddenly lost her vision and passed out once she placed her phone away.

Luna woke Abigail up early the next morning.
As Luna was still wearing her pajamas, she obviously rushed here before she had time to change. Then, she said guiltily, “Was it your digestive troubles? It’s all my fault. I slept like a log last night and didn’t hear your call!”
However, Abigail couldn’t be bothered about that right now. Instead, she jerked up and demanded, “What time is it?”
“It’s 9.00AM.”
At once, Abigail’s mind buzzed. Sh*t! I’m late!
“Sean and I have agreed to meet at the City Hall and go through the divorce settlement procedures at 9.00AM today.”
Abigail grabbed the phone that had fallen on the carpet and hastily called him as she knew that Sean despised people being late.
The phone rang once before it got automatically hung up. Did Sean block my contact as well?
In the same amount of timidness as her speed in blocking Sean last night, Abigail unblocked him and made a voice call.
Once the call got through, she probed courteously and distantly, “Are you still at the City Hall? I’m going over now.”
Sean’s brisk voice sounded through the receiver. “Are you saying I have to wait for you at the City Hall front entrance for half an hour?”
Abigail didn’t bother explaining herself since she was in the wrong. Thus, she got up and changed her clothes while apologizing on the phone, “I am so sorry. I’ll try to hurry up. 20 minutes? Is it okay?”
Sean’s voice tinged with a chilling sense of anger. “Do you think my time is as worthless as you?”

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