I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 4 He Got the Wrong Person (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

This was the same price tag for a dress from an international designer and was clearly overpriced. However, the design wasn’t inferior by any means. It was said that the dress was designed more than three years ago, but it still looked beautiful.
Sean briefly glanced at Abigail dispassionately with his hands in his pockets and said casually, “Just as long as you like it. We’ll take it.” Then, he passed the card to the shop assistant. “Swipe it straight away. There’s no password needed.”
Filled with excitement, Joan gave him a huge bear hug. “Sean, I love you!”
Abigail looked away with an inexplicable discomfort in her chest. Just as she expected, a dress that was more than a million was peanuts to Sean. As long as it was something that Joan wanted, he would give it to her without any second thoughts.
So, Abigail nodded and gestured to the assistant next to them to process the payment. Yet, the assistant refused to take the card and cast her an anxious look instead.
How could she sell this dress? This was the dress Abigail designed for herself!
It would be a lie if Abigail said that she could part with it, but since she was getting divorced and there wouldn’t be any wedding for her, so what was the point of keeping the dress? Therefore, she chuckled lightly and said, “Didn’t Miss Smith already say that only a dummy will miss out on a deal?”
Furthermore, they would be making money out of Sean, which she would consider a fantastic deal. After that, only then did the assistant begrudgingly process the payment. Meanwhile, Abigail brought a stool for herself to retrieve the dress from the glass display window.
When it was time to try on the dress, Joan pointed at Abigail. “Will you help me put on the dress? I don’t need anyone else.”
Abigail reflexively stole a look at Sean. Is he going to let his yet-to-be divorced wife help his seamlessly integrated next wife try on a wedding dress? He’ll only allow it if he’s an idi—
Before the thought even finished running through her mind, she heard Sean say tenderly, “Sorry to trouble you, then.”
He stood under the shadow of the spotlight with his hands in his pockets. Light poured over half of him while the other half was covered in darkness, which made him look exceptionally tall. His features were elegant with a touch of regality and indifference that deterred others from approaching him.
Abigail sneered inwardly as a thoughtful smile spread across her face. “This is no trouble at all. It’s part of my job.” Trying on the dress is my job and handing over the marriage as well.

He threw a look at her from the corner of his icy eyes, and she interpreted it as a warning look. So, she held the wedding gown in her hands, gestured at him, and put on a professional, soft smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to serve your wife the best I can.”

The changing room of L.Moon was very spacious and there was plenty of space to fit two people. Abigail helped Joan into the wedding dress without even flinching.
The dress was made according to Abigail’s body proportion, and even though Joan had a very good figure, it was still a challenge to put it on her, especially when it came to the waist. It didn’t matter how desperately Joan held her breath and sucked her abdomen in, Abigail couldn’t pull up the zipper. Eventually, they both broke out in a sweat after a few tries. Out of wits, Abigail hastily went out and returned with a pair of scissors. Then, she crouched down, cut off a few locking stitches on the waistline, and somehow managed to pull up the zipper.
Finally, she straightened out the hem of the dress and tried to relieve the awkwardness in the air. “It will be fine once we change the size later.”
Joan checked out herself in the mirror. The dress was more elegant and beautiful than it was in the display window, and she appeared more sophisticated because of it. Suddenly, she looked down at Abigail who was busy smoothing out the dress for her. “How long have you known my husband?”
Abigail paused mid-action before standing up straight and raising her brows. “He said that he got the wrong person.”
Joan relaxed and looked less wary as she regarded Abigail through the mirror. “You’re right. He’s so busy every day and I doubt that he has the time to befriend a small shop assistant like you.” Abigail merely smiled, and Joan added, “It’s probably quite tough to work in such a competitive place. Do you get paid by commission?”
Abigail answered in a perfunctory manner while carefully adjusting the belt for Joan, “The job is alright, but I don’t get any commission.”
Joan’s eyes lit up. “Oh, are you the store manager?”
Abigail thought it over for a couple of seconds as she said, “You can put it that way.” Between her and Luna, one was in charge of the internal workings of the store while the other was responsible for the external affairs, so she could be considered as the store manager as well.
Then, Joan slowly bent down, fished out a business card from her purse, and said alluringly, “My husband kind of likes the designs by Alana and would like to order dresses from her for the long term for me, but I only want Alana’s custom designs. If it’s possible, will you help me set up a bridge between us and Alana? My husband is the president of Graham International and money is not an issue. Plus, I can help you get more customers, too.”
Irony washed over Abigail. Does Sean like my designs? Then, does he know that the designer he wants for Joan is the wife he despised and spent three years with?
She didn’t take the business card from Joan’s hand and said in an aloof tone, “Since your husband is so amazing, he should be able to contact Alana himself. Why don’t you ask him for this favor?”
Joan was furious as she didn’t expect a lowly store manager to reject her. So, she kept the business card away, saying sarcastically, “That’s true. I forgot that people of your station won’t have the chance to meet a well-known designer like that.” Then, she shoved Abigail out of the changing room and happened to bump into Sean who was coming over. Immediately, she put on a timid face, as though she was mistreated, and pouted piteously. “Sean, will you please get me someone else? She has a really bad attitude.”

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