I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 3 I Want This Dress (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

Abigail immediately sobered up. “Wait a moment. I’m coming right now.”
Thus, she put on some light makeup to hide the dark circles under her eyes at the speed of light, changed into a set of light and trendy suit fit for moving around, and went downstairs in her heels.
Suddenly, she caught sight of two familiar figures leaning against each other on the couch in the lobby. She paused, and the smile she prepared on her face disappeared immediately, but it was too late for her to leave now.
On the other hand, Sean frowned and jumped to his feet upon seeing her. Then, he marched up to her, grabbed her arm, and dragged her to a corner. “Abigail Quinn, your bravery knows no bounds! You even followed us here!”
Nonetheless, she simply pursed her lips and wore an annoyed look. Since they were in the midst of a divorce, she couldn’t be bothered to explain herself to him even though he had the wrong idea about her. So, she shook off his grip and put on a soft, polite smile. “Mr. Graham, I’m working now. Please watch your actions.”
His brows furrowed with impatience and annoyance. “Did I not give you enough money? Do you need to work here as a server?”
Abigail sneered in contempt. She had never kept it a secret from him that she was a fashion designer. If he had just paid a little bit of attention to her, he would find the sketches she was usually working on.
Alas, he didn’t love her, so he had never spared any thought on her. In all honesty, it wasn’t surprising that he would jump to the conclusion that she could only be a server after leaving him.
“We’re already divorced. So, you don’t have to feel embarrassed even if I’m working as a server. Aren’t you worried that Miss Palmer will get the wrong idea by acting like this?” We were married for three years in secret. I don’t think Joan even knows who I am, but he’s having a hushed conversation with me without her.
He caught a main point from her words, and his face turned stone-cold. “What divorce? What nonsense are you spouting?”
Abigail swept her pretty eyes over him. All he cared about that night was Joan and hadn’t even heard what she had said at all. Usually, he won’t come ‘home’ and it only makes sense that he hasn’t seen the divorce papers that I left behind. It’s my fault for overlooking this, she thought in annoyance.
Hence, she pried his hand away and did her best to keep her cool. “It’s okay. The divorce settlement will be sent to your office tomorrow. Remember to sign it!”

Sean had more questions for her but saw Joan trotting toward him from the lobby in her heels. She smiled sweetly, showing the dimple on her cheek. “What’s wrong, Sean?”
He immediately changed his tone. “Nothing. Why did you come over?”
Then, Joan leaned against his side like a meek little kitten and spoke in a soft, spoiled voice, “You’ve been here for so long, so I wanted to check out what’s going on. Do you know her?”
Then, he simply uttered coldly, “I got the wrong person.”
Three years of marriage, and I’m not even a stranger to him, Abigail sneered silently. Regardless, he couldn’t be bothered to argue with him as she wanted to leave right then and there. Unfortunately for her, Joan approached her while holding Sean’s arm. “It’s fate that you got the wrong person. It looks like we’re destined to be your customers,” Joan said in a considerate manner. “Will you please show us the wedding gown designed by Alana?”
Even though Abigail had given up on her relationship, she still couldn’t help but freeze momentarily. Is he really in such a rush? We’re not even completely divorced yet and he’s already ready to marry Joan?
The wedding gown that Joan mentioned was the only one that Alana designed in the past few years. It was also displayed in the most eye-catching spot of L.Moon all this time. The price was astronomical, and everyone knew that it was actually not for sale.
Every stitch of that dress was made by Abigail herself, all for the promise that Sean never planned to realize.
After a moment of hesitation, she led them to that wedding gown. As she watched Joan gasp in admiration and delight, she took a few steps backward, her face gradually turning solemn.
Joan pointed at the dress in the display window in excitement. “I want this dress!”
Sean nodded expressionlessly. “Sure, Try it on.”
The store assistant who was with them gently reminded them, “Sir, this dress isn’t meant for—”
Before she could finish, Abigail interjected. “We’re selling it, but the price is a little on the steep side. It’s 1.3 million.”
Joan looked a little hesitant upon hearing the price.

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