I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 2 Shouldn’t You Get a Few Hundred Million? (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

Abigail’s voice was crisp and clear, and her eyes were determined, but after she said those words, Sean’s phone started ringing. He immediately whisked out his cell phone, checked the caller ID, and frowned in concern before picking up. “What happened?”
She couldn’t hear what the person on the phone said, but he replied, “I’ll be right there.” Then, he left the bedroom without even so much as a glance at Abigail.
A snort escaped her lips, but she said nothing as she decided to forgo sleep for tonight. Then, she packed her stuff, printed out the divorce agreement, and swiftly signed her name. Then, she placed them on the coffee table in the living room along with a few cards and left their marital home.
Luna crossed her long legs as she leaned casually against the hood of the car and straightened herself. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets in surprise when she saw Abigail coming with just a tiny piece of luggage. “Are you serious? That’s all of your belongings?”
Abigail deftly placed her luggage into the car trunk and climbed into the driver’s seat. “All those are unnecessary things. At least, I’m free now,” she declared, pretending to be relaxed.
“Did you really divorce him?”
Luna still sounded doubtful, but Abigail shrugged nonchalantly. “I’m done with love and finally going to live my own life now.”
Luna didn’t question Abigail further. Instead, she turned the steering wheel and cursed, “Damn it. Sean Graham is so rich. You should at least get a few hundred million in assets for the divorce!”
Abigail pursed her lips indifferently. “His empire is his asset before marriage, and I have no interest in coveting that.”
Frankly, Sean was a generous person when it came to money. If their properties were strictly and legally divided, she would get way more than a few hundred million, but it was never money that she wanted right from the beginning.
Meanwhile, Luna hurriedly changed the topic the moment she fell silent. “It’s great that you finally divorced him. We have a stack of orders in the studio and my back is almost breaking from apologizing to our customers for the delayed delivery. You truly have perfect timing. Otherwise, it’s not fair for me to be the only busy bee! It’s gotten so bad that people are already thinking that I’m the sole owner of the studio.”
Abigail teamed up with Luna to set up their own fashion studio and named it L.Moon right after she graduated, which was an amalgamation of the last letter of her name and the meaning of Luna’s name, pronounced as ‘elle-moon’.
With the combined efforts of a marketing genius and a design genius, their studio took off quickly. Alas, when Abigail was at the peak of her career, she chose to marry Sean and became a housewife, leaving Luna to take care of L.Moon while she only came up with the designs. She essentially placed her career on the back burner all for the sake of an unhappy marriage.
Still, Luna succeeded in spending just a few years transforming L.Moon into a high-fashion private clothing designer studio using only her dedication and talent.

As the only designer and half-owner of L.Moon, Abigail was rebranded as ace designer, Alana, by Luna and was renowned amongst the upper class. Besides, it was a fact that she didn’t receive any monetary benefit from Sean as per their divorce contract. So, the next thing she had to consider was her livelihood.
Initially, she wanted to return to work at the studio and was stunned to hear from Luna that they had several delayed orders. “Didn’t I pass a lot of designs to you before this? Why do we still have delayed orders?”
Luna’s head throbbed at the mention of this. “You have no idea how difficult it is to please those upper-class ladies and celebrities. The designs should be different and so should the colors, so basically, we can only produce one piece out of every design. The designs you gave me last time were only enough for the previous orders. I got a little greedy and accepted a few more…” she trailed off, pinching her fingertips together to show a tiny amount. “Only a little more.”
“How many is a little more?” Abigail pressed on, highly concerned.
Luna chuckled sheepishly. “Only… sixty-six orders more.” Then, she paused momentarily and added in a voice much weaker than before, “Gowns.”
Abigail breathed in deeply at the absolutely outrageous statement coming out of Luna’s lips. At first, she was contemplating where she should stay, but from the looks of it, she should just consider staying in the studio. With sixty-six orders, she needed at least two months even if she could come up with one design a day. Furthermore, she had to compare the details and prepare the materials… Dear Lord, she already had a good feeling that she wouldn’t have any time to rest until the end of the year.
She slumped into the backrest of the seat and quickly realized that she had drawn too few designs in the years when she was married. “Luna, it’s been hard on you for the past few years.”
Luna answered nonchalantly, “Hey, what’s hard work between friends. Moreover, my work would be all for naught without your designs. Let’s work together from now, okay? Forget everything else, just the throng of fresh blood in the entertainment industry is better looking than Sean Graham. Not only are they good-looking, but they’re also talented!” At the mention of this, she couldn’t help but feel indignant. She had never been more serious in her life as she vowed, “One day, I’ll f*cking make that sc*mbag kneel in front of you and beg you to return to him!”
Abigail revealed the only genuine smile she had since yesterday. Unfortunately, when she heard that name, Sean’s face haunted her mind again. Yet, even though he was an absolute *sshole, he didn’t abuse her. So, in a weird way, he could have been way worse.
Plus, she knew full well that he only had Joan in his heart and couldn’t wait to get rid of her, whom he regarded as a mere pebble. Beg me to return? That’s impossible, she thought in exasperation.
Thus, she shot a glance at Luna as she asked, “Why don’t you look forward to something better for me?” Because a jerk like Sean is someone I never want to have contact with again, she finished in her head.
L.Moon was situated in the old streets of Pendorf. They started out from just one shop, but now it had spanned over several shops. In fact, it was more than four hundred square feet wide on the inside. They had hired about eight shop assistants alone just to maintain their clientele.
Luna rushed to a business meeting after dropping Abigail off at the studio and informed her, “A big client may drop by in the next few days. They would like to order a few custom-made gowns for their celebrities in the long term and booked the appointment a long time ago. I have to say, I feel a great deal more confident now that you’re here.”
“Oh, hush now. Stop worrying and just go. You can leave these things to me in the future.”
There was a special lounge on the second floor, and as soon as Abigail had unpacked her luggage and made a temporary accommodation for herself, she slipped into working mode after the assistant brought her the customers’ orders. It was only through this way that she could forget about her divorce for the time being.
She was finally finished with the urgent designs after working endlessly for three whole days. Once she was done, she immediately sent them to create the samples. Just when she was ready to get some rest, an assistant rushed upstairs and cried piteously, “Abigail, there’s a customer downstairs that we can’t handle.”

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