I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 15 PDF Free Online (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

It was a chill that went bone deep.
Abigail leaned against the edge of the bathtub. Although the cold water sluicing against her skin helped somewhat, it was still a terrible ordeal to endure after she was drugged with an aphrodisiac. Fortunately, she somehow managed to drift off to sleep.
She soaked in the cold water all night, and the next day, she felt somewhat dazed.
Before she left, she also made it a point of informing Dahlia. “Sean went out early last night and didn’t come back all night. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I’m not waiting for him; I’m going to work.”
She didn’t care about what Sean was up to. She just wanted Dahlia to inform Lina that the two of them hadn’t consummated their marriage last night.
Also, she wasn’t the one who ran away.
She didn’t even know how she left Graham Residence. When she stood at the doorstep of her studio, Luna was taken aback by her pale face. “Where did you go last night? How did you end up like this?”
Then, she hastily went over to support the dangerously swaying Abigail. Yet, the moment her skin touched Abigail, she could tell that Abigail was definitely running a high fever. “Why did you come here when you have a fever?! I’m taking you to the hospital right now.”
Abigail weakly waved her hand in dismissal. “No, I want to go home and sleep. Just give me a ride.”
Then, she instinctively touched her belly as those words fell from her lips.
That was the spot where she had received numerous injections to stimulate ovulation. After she left that dreadful place the last time, she was traumatized enough that just hearing the word ‘hospital’ could make her nauseous.
As Luna had been her best friend for many years, she immediately understood what Abigail meant. “Okay, we don’t have to go there if you don’t want to. I’ll take you home.”
Then, she caressed Abigail’s forehead out of concern as she immediately put aside her pressing work and drove Abigail back to the apartment.
As Luna puttered about, pouring her water and frantically searching for fever-reducing medicine, she started questioning, “Did Sean bully you? You were fine when you left. How did you end up in such a state?”
Abigail didn’t want to worry Luna, so she didn’t tell Luna the truth. “It’s nothing. I probably didn’t sleep fitfully last night. You know how I am with my blankets. I probably just caught a cold. So, you can go back now. I don’t want to infect you with whatever I’m coming down with. Besides, I’ll make sure to take the medicine. I’m sure I’ll be as fit as a fiddle soon enough”

As she said this, she forced herself to open her eyes. “I finally managed to get our business back on track. I won’t feel at ease if you’re not there to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Please just return to the studio as soon as you can.”
The 2.8 million she got by soaking in cold water all night came at a high cost. She couldn’t afford to lose it again.
The heartbroken Luna parted her lips to say something, but she couldn’t even find the words to comfort Abigail. She truly couldn’t imagine how badly cornered Abigail was feeling that she started viewing money as more valuable than her life. She remembered that Abigail had always been rather minimalistic, just what had happened to her?
Finally, she gritted her teeth and took out her phone. “I’ll head to the studio right now, so don’t worry.
“Just have a good rest. I already told my brother that you’re sick, and he’s on his way.”

Abigail was awakened by the knocking on the door.
She remembered that Luna had said her brother, Zachariah, would come to take care of her before she fell asleep. So, that was probably him. Although she didn’t want to move, she struggled to sit up and open the door.
As she opened the door, she was met with a pair of familiar almond-shaped eyes.
The person in front of her was also startled. As he looked at her in disbelief, the light in his eyes shifted from anticipation to complete bewilderment. “Ms. Abigail? Why are you here? No, wait… Why is it you?”
The stunned Kevin only managed to close his jaw with a click, which had dropped out in surprise. Then, he retracted the foot he had confidently placed into the house.
“Why can’t I be at my own home? So? Why are you here?” A chill swept in from outside the door, and Abigail instinctively moved to the side, making way for Kevin. She didn’t want to stand in the cold, nor did she want to leave Kevin standing outside.
“I didn’t expect Sean to hide you even after being married for so long,” Kevin commented lightly. When he noticed her frail state, he didn’t hesitate to awkwardly squeeze in. Nonetheless, the excitement and anticipation in his eyes unconsciously diminished as it was replaced by respect.
“By the way… What’s your relationship with Zachariah?” Kevin asked tentatively.
“He’s my best—my boss Luna’s elder brother.” Abigail almost slipped up. “Ah… Is your car fixed now?”
She quickly changed the topic. Unfortunately, she was feeling a bit dizzy as she forced herself to get up from bed. So, she leaned against the wall, forcing herself to focus on the person in front of her.
“That’s just a minor issue. Where’s Sean? Why isn’t he taking care of you?” Now that he understood her relationship with Zachariah, Kevin felt relieved and probed further.
It would have been fine and dandy if Kevin hadn’t just brought that despicable name into her humble abode. Now that she was forced to think about the person with that name, she couldn’t help but recall her getting intimate with Sean last night.
Then, she thought about how he urgently rushed out after receiving a phone call. Sh*t, what a sc*mbag.
Abigail coldly snapped, “How would I know?

“I’ll pour you a glass of water. Just sit for a while and run along. I’m fine. However, I’m sorry for inconveniencing you and making you come all this way for nothing.” Abigail was truly too exhausted to deal with anything. Frankly, all she wanted to do was have a lovely snooze fest in her bed. Apparently, that was not in the cards for her today.
As she picked up a glass from the table and turned to go to the kitchen…
A crisp sound of glass shattering came from the kitchen.
Kevin quickly threw his phone aside and rushed to the kitchen. That was when he saw Abigail unconscious on the floor. Her slender arm was cut by the broken glass, and drops of blood fell on the floor, leaving splatters of red flowers staining the floor.
“F*ck… Ms. Abigail!”
Kevin didn’t have time to worry about keeping his distance from his friend’s wife as he shook Abigail’s shoulder. Still, he quickly withdrew his hand due to the scorching temperature.
This is bad!
So, he quickly carried the unconscious Abigail and rushed out of the house.
He gingerly placed her in the passenger seat and stepped on the gas, driving away in his car without noticing a familiar dark figure not far away.
The person in the shadows finally moved after staring at the departing red Ferrari.
“Mr. Graham… I think that was Mr. Stewart.”
Xavien, who was standing behind Sean, looked at Sean’s cold face in bewilderment. “S-Should we still go up?”
Sean lifted his eyes, emotionlessly gazing at Kevin’s car as it left, his eyes exuding a chill that seemed to lower the surrounding temperature significantly.
“Let’s go back.”
After a long pause, he finally issued a command. The assistant obediently started the car and left the residential area without looking back.

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