I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 14 PDF Free Online (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

Meanwhile, in the room, Abigail immediately rolled out of bed as soon as Dahlia left. Unfortunately, Sean pressed her down on the bed before she could successfully escape from his clutches.
She instinctively used her hand to shove him away. As a result, she did manage to create some distance between them. “She’s already gone. There’s no need for us to act now.”
Alas, he simply gazed deeply at her, his voice hoarse when he asked, “Didn’t you want this when you grabbed me earlier?”
A confused and speechless Abigail shrieked in dismay, “I was just reminding you not to let Dahlia come to my side of the bed! Are you a sex addict or something? How do you always relate everything to that?!”
Nonetheless, he merely ignored her while he suppressed his desire and guided her hand downwards until it landed on a certain place.
At this rate, she had a strong urge to just remove her hand from her body forever. Sure, it would be difficult to live without a hand, but she would make it work somehow. Still, she desperately tried to withdraw her hand from his grip, her face was flushed crimson. “What are you doing?!”
He responded by enunciating each word slowly yet firmly, “Remind me again, did you have to grab me here earlier?”
When she made a mad grasp at him a moment ago, her aim was rather unfortunate. Coupled with her panicked grip, it hurt so terribly that he suspected that she wanted his line to end with him today.
Abigail finally realized what he was insinuating. Her face turned into a rather violent shade of red, but she stubbornly retorted, “Fine. Let me go. I need to wash my hands.”
Sean’s eyes darkened. “You’re disgusted by something you use?”
She earnestly replied, “You should know that what I’m avoiding might not be an object…”
But the person? Does she really despise me that badly? Sean’s previously good mood disappeared in a puff of smoke when he thought of that.
The hazy mist in his eyes gradually dissipated as he calmly regarded her for a few seconds. Then, he turned around and got off the bed. “You can have the bed.”
With that said, he walked straight out of the room.
Abigail didn’t care where he was going; since he had already given her permission to use the bed, she would obediently make use of it.
It was probably due to the sudden change of location as she failed to fall asleep even though she was utterly exhausted. In the end, she kept tossing and turning in bed, trying desperately to get some shut-eye. To make matters worse, she felt increasingly warm, which did nothing for her already discomfited state.
Why does it feel so hot and humid when it’s only March?

Abigail agitatedly undid two buttons on her sleeping gown, only to find the temperature still too high for her. Moreover, for some reason, she kept thinking about Sean’s hand holding the spoon when he was feeding her the pudding earlier.
She could tell at a glance that his fair and long arms were quite strong.
Wait, why am I thinking about him at a time like this?! She couldn’t help but feel annoyed at herself for being so easily charmed by his looks. Eventually, her emotions got the better of her as she kicked the blanket off her person in a fit of ire.
Just as sleep had finally descended upon her, someone pushed open the door and entered the room.
Sean couldn’t help but slightly raise an eyebrow at the sight of the person on the bed.
In the dimly lit bedroom, the moonlight was filtered by the thick and luxurious curtains, leaving only a faint glow that fell on her slim waist.
That was the place he loved to touch the most when they were intimate; both his hands could easily encircle it.
A sly glint flashed in Sean’s eyes. He had told her to sleep on the bed, but he didn’t say anything about him sleeping on the couch.
Therefore, he naturally slid under the covers on the other side of the bed. Just as he was about to close his eyes, a pair of warm, soft, slender, and fair hands caressed his chest.
Her fingers then slipped in through the gap between his buttons and slid downwards.
She acted without restraint by entwining her slender and straight legs around his body in the cover of the darkness. When her softness unintentionally brushed against him, the man’s breathing gradually grew heavy. Yet, his voice remained as cold as ever when he demanded, “You didn’t want it earlier, so why play this game of cat and mouse now?”
Unfortunately, Abigail was tormented by the heat invading her senses and couldn’t care less about the man’s sarcasm. She even let out a little moan to tempt him.
Emboldened by the little noises she was making; he couldn’t be considered a man if he continued restraining his desires.
Thus, he swiftly pressed her back onto the bed with one hand.
Her babbles were drowned by provocative kisses as his slightly cool tongue forced its way past her teeth, greedily taking every breath that belonged to her.
There was only one thought in her mind.
Well, the audacity of the man! I’m clearly unwell, yet he dared to insinuate that I’m the wanton one in this tattered relationship! He was the one who would do anything to sleep with me!
Hence, Abigail didn’t feel like she was going against her conscience now that she had that particular thought fueling her sanity.
Alas, at the critical moment, Sean’s phone, which had been placed aside, started ringing now, of all times.
Neither of them paid any attention to it at first, but the person on the other end wasn’t clearly inclined to give up. The calls kept coming one after another.
Sean eventually reached for his phone and answered the call.
A woman’s crying voice faintly came through the phone.
He didn’t even hesitate for a second before he swiftly pulled away from Abigail, hastily sputtering, “Wait for me. I’ll be there right away.”
In fact, he didn’t even spare a glance at Abigail after hanging up the call. Instead, he hurriedly put on his clothes before leaving. He didn’t even bother to look at her once from the beginning to the end.
Abigail lay alone in the darkness as she stared at the ceiling while her body burned with passion, but her heart felt as cold as ice.
She felt tortured as she was forced to endure such extreme differences as her mind and body warred against one another. After a while, the tip of her nose started to sting as she lowered her head and glanced at her near-naked body.
She had heard people say that once an arrow was on the string, it had to be shot; no man could stop at the critical moment.
What kind of true and sincere feelings did Sean have for Joan to be able to stop at a time like this?
Abigail stared blankly at the ceiling as she lay utterly motionless for a time. Fortunately for her, she had all the time in the world to finally regain her composure even though her body still burned.
This time, it was nothing like the night of their wedding, where she had found release. Even though the process left a great deal to be desired, she was still somewhat happy.
She knew she was a fool. Regardless, she wasn’t that stupid to not notice that there was something wrong with the pudding Dahlia brought earlier.
And the night of their wedding…
Was that also her doing?
Abigail couldn’t tell if she was disappointed or broken-hearted.
Although her legs refused to cooperate with her at times, she still forced herself to go to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with cold water. Then, she even brought out all the chilled drinks and alcohol from the bedroom’s mini fridge. Once she tossed everything into the bathtub, she stepped into the tub with her gritted teeth.

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