I Want a Divorce Novel Chapter 1 Let’s Divorce (Abigail Quinn and Sean Graham novel)

‘Your husband has cheated on you.’
When Abigail Quinn received the text message from her best friend, she had just taken an ovulation injection and was resting on the bench of the outpatient clinic, trying to suppress the piercing pain in her abdomen. Her hair was dark and her skin as fair as snow, but there was no trace of blood on her face now. Even so, that didn’t overshadow her stunning looks and passersby kept turning their heads to look at her.
Then, she inhaled deeply and tapped with a trembling finger, and opened the picture on her cell phone to take a look. It was a picture of Sean Graham holding a woman in a pink haute couture dress while walking out of a hotel. The man’s usually cold and stoic face looked tender as he lowered his head at the woman in the picture.
Abigail knew who that woman was, Sean’s first love, Joan Palmer.
After a while, she snapped back to her senses, searched for Sean’s number, and called him. She waited for a long time for the busy dial tone to end and the man’s aloof voice finally echoed from the other end of the call. “What’s the problem?”
“Are you coming home tonight?” Actually, she wanted to ask if he even wanted to return home.
Alas, it was clear that her call itself had already caused Sean to feel annoyed. Thus, after a few seconds of silence, he said impatiently, “Is there an important issue we need to discuss?”
Tears immediately welled up in her eyes, his indifferent voice stabbing her heart like a knife, but she expertly masked her sadness. “Did you forget what day it is today?”
They had been married in secret for three years, and except for that monthly coitus, they rarely met with each other. Today was their wedding anniversary, the day when he should return home. When they were in bed last month, he promised her that he would spend the day with her.
Unfortunately, he only cut her off and grumbled in annoyance, “I’ll be back later. Don’t worry.”
After that, she wasted no time hanging up. Abigail’s heart sank to the pits as she listened to the monotonous dial tone. Then, he threw back her head and composed herself by taking a few deep breaths. Finally, she called her best friend, Luna Smith, to come and pick her up.
Ten minutes later, sounds of hurried footsteps echoed from the other end of the corridor. The woman appeared cool and eye-catching as her clean-cut short hair dyed in blue with streaks of silver flipped along with her movements as she briskly walked down the corridor.
To Luna, the astonished looks that greeted her were no longer a surprise, and she raised her bushy brows as she went straight to Abigail. When she saw that Abigail’s face was so pale that she could rival a ghost at this rate, she felt sorry but couldn’t stop herself from reprimanding her in a hushed voice, “He’s living the life of his dreams with Joan. What’s the point of you taking the ovulation injection?”
Abigail hung her head without a word. Her marriage with Sean was not a happy one because it was his grandfather, Colby, who forced them together.
However, Abigail didn’t refuse the marriage when it was proposed to her and even secretly rejoiced because nobody knew that she had held a torch for Sean for many years. It was only after their marriage did she discover that Sean had a first love named Joan Palmer, and Colby thought she was not good enough for the Graham Family. That was why he used Abigail to make her give up.

As Sean was too embarrassed to acknowledge Abigail as his wife, they had kept their marriage from the public for the past three years. Nonetheless, Abigail didn’t care about that and thought that she would one day be able to melt his icy heart. She hoped that one day he would be able to forget Joan and genuinely want to spend his days with her.
Now that Joan had returned, Abigail realized just how silly she had been.
Once she arrived home, she took a shower and stared at the lingerie she had specially prepared for the night with a bitter heart. One more time, she told herself. Whether it’s for myself or for Sean, this will be the last shot.
In the middle of the night, a pair of big, cold palms carrying a little trace of humidity held Abigail by the waist. The man’s hot breath was right next to her ears, and she felt her body burning from the warmth. She blinked awake and raised her legs instinctively. Before she could do anything, Sean grabbed her ankles and swiftly pinned them down. Then, he rolled on top of her and hovered above her legs intimately.
Although her eyes were still groggy from slumber, she quickly realized what was happening. So, she laced her arms around his neck before raising her neck and arching her back to welcome him.
The man’s eyes swept over her clothes, and his breath raised a couple of degrees. “You called me back just for this?”
Abigail’s muscles turned rigid for a second, but she put on a smile the next second. “Yes. I just came up with a new position.”
Whenever they were together, she was always the one taking the initiative. The ovulation injections, supplements, and even sexual positions; as long as it was anything that could help to conceive, she was willing to give it a try.
When Sean was reminded that everything she was doing was only for the sake of having a baby, he lost all interest in continuing. So, he shoved her aside, drew out a piece of wet wipe from the bedside table, and started cleaning his hands slowly, thoroughly cleaning them as though he had touched something filthy. He didn’t miss any joints or nooks and tossed the wet wipe into the bin when he was finished. “You sent someone to follow Joan just because of this?” he asked with a cold face.
A stunned Abigail realized a few seconds later that he was speaking about the paparazzi who published his picture with Joan. Although he was asking a question, the certainty in his voice was as clear as day. So, he came back specially to redress his lover’s grievances, she thought. Her hot body felt as if a bucket of cold water had just splashed over it, and a chill traveled from the top of her head right to her toes.
A few minutes passed by in silence, and she rolled over and sat up. Then, she picked up her nightgown, slipped it over her head casually, and put on an emotionless expression on her stunning face. It was such an impressive contrast to the initiative and passionate woman in bed earlier.
She didn’t see the point in holding back her words as she said, “Yeah. It’s not my fault that you insist on keeping our marriage a secret while flirting with your ex-girlfriend. You’re such a hypocrite. Don’t even bring up the paparazzi with me. The reason I didn’t charge you for adultery is that I’m ashamed to be married to you!”
Her reaction startled him because he was used to seeing her as an obedient and understanding person. Never did he know that she could have such a sharp tongue as well. She masked herself very well, huh? he thought.
The veins on his temples popped, and he pushed her aside without warning. “Don’t use your crooked thoughts to judge Joan. She’s not like you.”
In his eyes, Abigail had always been an unscrupulous woman while Joan was forever innocent and clean. It didn’t matter that she had spent three years on him as it was nothing compared to a look from Joan.
I was truly blind and dumb to have loved him for so many years! When she was younger, she would ignore every jerk like him, but ironically, she had regarded him like a priceless treasure the whole time.
After a moment of silence, she raised her chin, and her brow quirked up in disdain. “I want a divorce, Sean.”

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