Flash Marriage: Spoiled By My Mysterious Husband

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Novel titleFlash Marriage: Spoiled By My Mysterious Husband
ProtagonistEunice Moore, Rodney Lawson
AuthorShem Krieger
Number of Chapters415
Publishing platformMoboReader

Three years ago, Eunice gave birth to triplets, but only one of the three children survived—or so she was told.

In order to inherit her mother’s property, Eunice was forced to marry a poor but handsome computer programmer. After getting married to this mysterious man, she started to wonder…

Three years ago, she had never had sex with a man but had somehow gotten pregnant…

She also found out that she had another living child…

What was the truth?

And why did her “poor” husband look exactly like the wealthy tycoon she had seen on TV?

Chapter 1 Take Back Everything That Belongs To You

“The result of your pregnancy test just came back. You are indeed pregnant. Congratulations!” The gynecologist smiled lightly as she revealed the news.

Eunice Moore couldn’t believe her ears. How was that even possible?

Her eyes were wide open with shock. It was unbelievable.

She didn’t have a boyfriend, nor had she ever been intimate with any man. How could she be pregnant? There must have been some kind of mistake.

Estrella Moore, Eunice’s half-sister, covered her mouth and stared at the supposedly pregnant woman. “Eunice, I just thought you had a stomachache. I wasn’t expecting this at all! How could you be pregnant before marriage? This is unacceptable. I have to tell Dad and Mom.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Estrella pulled out her phone and called home.

Eunice was still in a daze. She didn’t know what to do in this situation. The doctor cleared her throat and shot a sympathetic look at Eunice.

“The results of your physical examination are very unstable, and the risk of miscarriage is unfortunately high that it may lead to a case of lifelong infertility. It would be best for you to keep the baby.”

Unable to absorb the mind-boggling information, Eunice simply stared at the doctor, at a loss for words.

When the sisters returned home, Eunice was immediately confronted by her father and stepmother.

“You are so shameless. How could you do this to us? I am utterly disappointed in you!” Leonel Moore jabbed his finger at his daughter’s face, extremely furious.

“Alas, you have ruined our family’s reputation!” Deanna Moore threw her hands in the air out of frustration.

Then she turned to her husband and continued, “The Mendez family planned to strengthen our bond by marriage. Your father said that he would let Eunice marry into the Mendez family, but now here we are. This little…”

Deanna wanted to curse and unleash her wrath on Eunice but stopped on second thought.

Leonel shook his head and said, “Eunice doesn’t deserve it. Let Estrella marry into the Mendez family instead.”

Hearing this change of plans, Deanna smiled with satisfaction and looked proudly at her daughter.

Estrella’s face immediately lit up. Barely containing her excitement, she clapped her hands and remarked, “Great! I have always liked Rufus.”

Leonel nodded in approval. But his expression turned livid once again as he resumed scolding Eunice.

Unlike her half-sister, Eunice didn’t care about the engagement at all. Despite receiving rude remarks and grave threats from her father and stepmother, all she could think about was her pregnancy.

The only possibility she could think of where she got impregnated was at the class reunion three months ago. She had gotten drunk after having a glass of wine and couldn’t recall what had happened afterward.

Leonel and Deanna continued to berate Eunice, but she didn’t respond or defend herself. Satisfied that she had seemed to finally realize her mistake, the pair soon watched TV with Estrella, ignoring their distraught daughter for the next few hours.

While they were changing the channel, a breaking news report caught their attention. “This is a news update on the successor of the powerful Lawson family. After allegedly being chased down by his enemies and sustaining multiple stab wounds, he has yet to be found. He has been missing for more than three months now. The police and the Lawson family have tried every means to search for him, but his whereabouts are still unknown. If you have any information that could help the investigators locate him, please call the number flashed on your screen.”

Three years later, Eunice stepped off the train and onto the railway station of Orley. Her slim figure was tightly wrapped in a sleek windbreaker. With shoulder-length hair and light make-up on her face, she looked very delicate and beautiful. She carried a big white suitcase in one hand and held a little boy’s hand with the other.

The cute youngster wore a baseball cap and a cool denim jacket. He looked up at his mother and asked in a sweet voice, “Mommy, are we going to look for my godmother now?”

“Not yet. Let’s go to the hotel first and get some rest. We will meet her tonight,” Eunice replied with a light smile.

There were some important matters that she needed to deal with first. As soon as they arrived at the hotel and put down her luggage, she had to get down to business. Aside from that, she had made an appointment with her good friend, Delia Cortez. They were going to meet for dinner later that evening. All in all, it was a jampacked day.

“Oh, okay!” the little boy replied with a toothy grin.

Eunice led her son towards the taxi stand. When they approached a taxi driver to take them to their hotel, they didn’t notice two men watching them from a distance.

Beside a billboard were two men in suits. One of them stood tall with a strong aura, and most of his face was covered by sunglasses. When he looked at Eunice and the little boy, his heart began to race.

“Miss Moore and your son are probably headed to the hotel,” the other man whispered. He was Julius Nelson, the tall man’s assistant.

He had just verified this information yesterday. Eunice had indeed booked a hotel in Orley two days ago.

The tall man didn’t respond. Instead, he kept his eyes on the receding figures of the mother and son.

Once the taxi drove away, the man turned to Julius and said, “Follow them.”

Inside the vehicle, Eunice looked out the window with her son sleeping on her lap. As she watched the hustle and bustle of the big city flash before her eyes, a flurry of thoughts suddenly entered her mind.

On that fateful day when she became pregnant three years ago, her bitter father and stepmother drove her out of the Moore family. Because of her delicate physical condition, abortion was out of the option, so she fled to the countryside to ask her aunt for help.

When Eunice underwent another physical examination in the town’s general hospital, she was shocked to discover that she was pregnant with triplets. On the day of her childbirth, her two infants suffered complications, and they lost their breath as soon as they were born. Only the last child was delivered safely. It was a healthy baby boy.

After Eunice’s son was born, she kept crying every day, mourning the loss of her other two children. With her only child by her side, she had to become a caring and responsible mother, willing herself to rise from depression.

However, Eunice had gone through many difficulties in the past three years. But fortunately, her aunt was good to both mother and son. The little boy was obedient and sensible, making Eunice’s life as a mother a little easier. She was grateful to her aunt and proud of her son. Due to her perseverance, her life gradually became better.

Now, as Eunice held the little boy tightly, she only hoped that her son could grow up to be a healthy and kind person and that everything in his life would be as smooth as possible.

As soon as they arrived at Klein Hotel, Eunice gently woke up her son. They got out of the taxi and were about to enter the lobby when Eunice’s phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from Delia. Eunice took her son aside and said, “Brent, Mommy needs to talk to Delia first. You can go around the premises but stay close and no running, okay?”

“Alright, Mommy. I’ll go to the parterre to see the flowers.” After Eunice nodded in approval, Brent trotted towards the parterre not far away.

Seeing that her son was just within earshot, Eunice answered the call.

“Hello, Eunice! Have you and Brent arrived at Orley safely?” Delia asked with concern.

“Yes. We’re just about to enter the hotel. After checking in, I will set up a business meeting with the Frazier Group. I have to settle things once and for all,” Eunice replied in a serious voice.

The Frazier Group was passed on to Eunice’s mother by her grandfather. The wise woman had wanted Eunice to take over the company once she grew older. But she passed away unexpectedly, leaving the role of acting president to her husband, Leonel.

In recent news, it was widely reported that Leonel had plans to sell the Frazier Group and register a new company in which Deanna would be the legal representative. This shocking piece of information didn’t sit well with Eunice, so she had to stop her father at all costs.

She could not allow her grandfather’s company to be sold to another business group. Moreover, she would never let Deanna get a share of the profit.

“Go and take back everything that belongs to you. Rest assured that you have my support. I wish you good luck!” Delia exclaimed in a determined voice.

“I’ll get it done and make you proud. Thank you.” Hearing Delia’s words of encouragement, Eunice became more confident. Then the two continued chatting, planning their activities for the following days.

Roaming around the parterre, Brent wanted to pick some flowers to give them to his mother later on. But an old man selling cartoon balloons across the street had caught his attention. He was so excited that he wanted to run over and have a closer look.

Just as Brent started running, he saw a biker heading straight in his direction. The both of them were on a collision course, and it seemed nothing was going to prevent the accident. Suddenly, a worried voice rang in the little boy’s ears.

“Watch out, kid!”

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