Dear Ex-wife: I Want You Back

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Novel titleDear Ex-wife: I Want You Back
ProtagonistMiriam Dunstan, Kayson Harvey
AuthorChaunce Drum
Number of Chapters25
Publishing platformMoboReader

Miriam knew from the onset that Kayson didn’t love her. However, she was ready to make this work. She went ahead and married him because she thought that her love would soften his heart.

Much to her disappointment, she caught him cheating on her in a hotel. Only then did it occur to her that their two-year-old marriage was nothing but a joke.

She finally decided to get a divorce.

“I can’t do this anymore, Kayson. Let’s go our separate ways. Sign the divorce papers now.”

Although Kayson agreed to the divorce, he gave her the condition that she must design an engagement dress for his mistress. He was going to engage his mistress in no time.

Miriam was heartbroken, to say the least. She hated him, so she left the country.

When they bumped into each other abroad, she was with another man. Kayson’s face turned red with fury. “How could you, Miriam? We haven’t divorced officially, but you are already cheating on me!”

Despite everything that happened later, Kayson couldn’t stay away from her. He found himself wanting her back.

Dear Ex-wife: I Want You Back Chapter 1 Her Husband Cheated On Her

“Your husband is cheating on you!”

Miriam Dunstan was making a final revision to a wedding dress design when she received the call from her best friend, Patricia Mitchell.

Hearing Patricia’s statement, Miriam trembled. The pencil in her hand left an ugly stroke on the nearly finished design drawing.

“What did you just say?” Her mind totally went blank. For a moment, she thought she was having a nightmare.

Emphasizing each word, Patricia answered, “Your ungrateful husband is sleeping with another woman right now. Room 1102, Golden Light International Hotel. Come here, quick!”

Miriam didn’t remember much of what happened after hanging up. It was like she had an out-of-body experience for at least half a minute.

She didn’t move until the sharp sound of a car horn from outside jolted her back to her senses. She rushed out, still holding the pencil in her hand.

Kayson Harvey was cheating on her. The words cut into her heart like a knife. After making only a few steps, she collapsed and knocked over a nearby easel.

All sorts of stuff scattered all over the floor.

One of Miriam’s staff heard the noise and asked with concern, “What happened, Miriam?”

Miriam didn’t know what to say. She just got up and continued running.

She and Kayson had been married for two years, and their relationship had been very impersonal. It was because Kayson had the marriage thrust upon him.

They only got married to build family alliances.

Kayson’s grandfather, Shawn Harvey, liked Miriam and her family’s powerful connections and rich resources. The deal was made easy by the fact that Miriam had liked Kayson since she was a child. Shawn believed that Miriam was the most suitable wife for Kayson, so he forced Kayson into marrying her.

Even though they became husband and wife, Kayson still didn’t like Miriam.

In the past two years, he had come home no more than five times.

Miriam always knew that Kayson didn’t like her or their arranged marriage, but she chose to believe that someday, maybe Kayson would develop some feelings for her if she showed him how devoted she was to him. All they needed was to spend some time together.

But she never expected Kayson to cheat on her.

Miriam drove to the hotel at full speed.

“Miriam, you’re finally here!” Patricia exclaimed, running over to Miriam quickly, grabbing her wrist and pulling her to the elevator.

“They’ve been in the room for half an hour,” Patricia said as she walked. “Maybe they’ve finished already.”

Miriam made an effort to keep up with Patricia. She still couldn’t think straight. Every word Patricia uttered was like a ghostly whisper against her eardrums. She knew what Patricia was saying, but her brain refused to process the meaning.

“If Kayson’s cheating on you, ask for a divorce on the spot. Don’t listen to his crap,” Patricia ordered, which Miriam immediately got.

“Divorce…” Miriam repeated the word in a daze, feeling it completely foreign.

Patricia said through gritted teeth, “Yes, divorce. He has been hanging out with his childhood sweetheart every day. Over the years, you have suffered countless grievances, and it stops today.”

“But what if it’s just some misunderstanding?” Miriam asked in a hoarse voice. Her throat suddenly became as dry as a desert.

Patricia sneered and took out a key card. “Well, I guess we’ll see for ourselves.”

She stuck the key card into the door slot, and right after unlocking the door, she barged in.

“Kayson Harvey, you bastard!” Patricia bellowed. Then came a woman’s shrill scream and the manly, mellow voice Miriam would recognize anywhere.

“What are you doing here, Patricia?”

Standing at the door, Miriam couldn’t bring herself to walk inside.

Once more, she felt like she was having a nightmare.

“Miriam, get in here and have a look yourself! Your husband is in bed with another woman right now!” Patricia shouted, but her words didn’t register in Miriam’s brain. Patricia’s words reached her ears and then broke into pieces.

The room was still in chaos, and the pitiful cries of a woman and Kayson’s angry shouts hung in the air.

Patricia rushed to the door and flicked on the light switch. Then, she dragged Miriam into the room and pointed at the two people in front of them.

Kayson stood by the bed, only wearing a shirt with several conspicuous red lipstick marks on it. Half of his buttons were undone, and his usually meticulously combed hair was messy. With his piercing eyes, he was now staring at the two intruders who just showed up out of nowhere.

The woman he was with looked familiar. Her hair was still wet, and she was wearing nothing but a bath towel around her body, revealing her shoulders and long legs. She held onto Kayson like she was grabbing onto a lifeline in the open sea. Miriam recognized her—Annette Murray.

Kayson snatched up the quilt and covered Annette’s delicate body. He cared for her and was protecting her.

However, when he looked at Miriam, his eyes became devoid of any emotion. There wasn’t even a hint of warmth.

“What the hell do you want, Miriam?”

Miriam looked at Kayson with wide eyes. The hostility in his tone felt like a knife piercing through her heart.

“Did you two just sleep together?” Miriam asked straightforwardly, still refusing to let go of the hope that all this was just a simple misunderstanding.

Maybe Kayson just accompanied Annette back to her hotel room.

“What are you playing at, Miriam?” Kayson didn’t deign to answer her question. “How do you know that Annette and I are here? Are you still sending people to follow me around?”

When he said the last sentence, he let his voice drip with contempt.

During their first six months as a married couple, Miriam had been acting like a complete lunatic and hired people to monitor him and his whereabouts.

He was thoroughly disgusted with her.

Looking at Kayson’s face, Miriam felt like she was staring at a total stranger.

She just caught him cheating on her, but he was acting like she was the one in the wrong here.

Did their marriage mean nothing to him?

“Just look at them, Miriam. Maybe they’ve done this countless times already,” Patricia said.

Hearing that suggestion, Miriam clenched her jaw. The thought of that possibility tore up her heart. She kept staring blankly at Kayson, her face deathly pale.

If he denied it, Miriam would believe him.

However, Kayson just frowned, raised his hand, and pointed at the door. “Get out. Now.”

Miriam trembled, and her knees threatened to buckle.

As it turned out, he had no intention to explain. He just wanted her out of here.

Their two years of marriage turned into a sad joke.

There never was hope for Kayson to develop feelings for her.

Miriam closed her eyes tightly. When she opened them again and looked at Kayson, there was only despair in them.

She cleared her throat, raised her chin, and said, “You win, Kayson. Let’s get divorced.”

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