The Protecter Novel Free Online (Levi Garrison novel)

Six years ago, he was the best of the best but was framed, incapacitated, and imprisoned. His wife suffered because of him.

Six years later, he is now the God of War with immense wealth and power. Standing at the pinnacle of martial arts, he holds her hand in his and rules the world.

The Protector novel Chapter 7

\”You wish!\” Zoey would rather die than agree to such a condition. \”Fine. Just you wait!\” Derrick grinned insidiously before turning to leave. Noticing Zoey’s pale complexion, Levi grasped her hand and asked, \”Zoey, what happened? Who’s that guy just now?\” Zoey shook her head. \”It’s nothing!\” However, she knew Derrick wouldn’t let this rest, …

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