Aiden Finnegan, the Alchemist in Delcord

Aiden Finnegan, the Alchemist in Delcord novel PDF Download


After spending three years as the useless son-in-law in the An family, Aiden Finnegan had experienced it all. But with the inheritance of medicine and martial arts, he was determined to redeem himself and take revenge on those who had caused his downfall. Let’s see how Aiden Finnegan avenged his enemies and won over numerous women with his charm..

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Aiden Finnegan, the Alchemist in Delcord

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“Hey, good-for-nothing! What are you doing? We’re going to a family event today! Do you want us to be late?!” A woman shouted derisively.

Aiden Finnegan trembled when he heard her shout. So, he replied in a panic, “I’m almost done, Mom! I won’t keep you waiting!”

“Seriously! I really don’t know what Dad thought when he allowed you to marry into the family. You’re really a good-for-nothing!” The woman glanced at him through the mirror as she berated him.

Then, a woman with thin eyebrows, bright eyes, and fair skin entered the room. She looked toward the kitchen and said softly, “Mom, there’s still time. You don’t have to rush. Even if we reach there now, they still won’t think highly of you anyway!”

“At least I won’t get scolded!” The first woman retorted angrily.

Aiden stopped frowning when he caught sight of the woman in the living room. There was fondness in his eyes. However, his eyes turned cold when he looked at the middle-aged woman.

The woman in the living room was Angelina Gray, his wife!

She was only his wife in name. He hadn’t even touched a strand of her hair since they got married!

Because of Angelina’s beauty and intelligence, she had suffered a lot of nagging from her family for not settling down or even finding a partner for the past three years. Naturally, this made Angelina despise Aiden even more!

The woman who just scolded Aiden was his mother-in-law, Linda Graham. She had been looking down and disrespecting Aiden ever since he entered the Gray Family.

Aiden was a disowned son from the Finnegan Family from Delcord. He was framed as a traitor and was forced to flee to Delcord. He just happened to stumble upon the elder of the Gray family, Ronald Gray. When he noticed the pendant around Aiden’s neck, the old man immediately decided to marry off his beloved granddaughter to Aiden.

Since then, Aiden had been married and settled down into this family!

He just didn’t expect Ronald to pass away a year later. As a result, Aiden’s real identity was never revealed.

Aiden had been treated well when Ronald was alive, but as soon as he died, he was thrown into hell. Even the Grays’ family reputation fell into decline…

Aiden never stopped thinking about revenge in the past three years, but his martial arts foundation was destroyed. No matter how hard he practiced, it was useless! He lived in agony under his enemy’s control every single day!

When he thought of Angelina, who couldn’t even bear the sight of him, and Linda, who was disgusted by him, Aiden had no expression on his face.

He still couldn’t recover from the devastating blow his enemies had dealt him. So, he could only compromise!

“Good-for-nothing, are you done yet?! You’re taking so long!” Linda’s shrill voice came from the living room as she walked toward the kitchen.

Aiden cried out in a panic when he heard her voice, “Alright, Mom, I’m done!”

Aiden brought out all the dishes he had cooked and deftly set the table.

When Linda saw that everything was finally ready, she muttered, “This good-for-nothing only knows how to eat! If we don’t scold him, he won’t do anything!”

Angelina looked at Aiden, who was skillfully setting the table, with a look of disgust.

If it weren’t for the Grays’ reputation, she would have divorced Aiden long ago.

When Angelina saw the timid expression on his face, she wanted to get up and slap him.

Even if he was a nobody, he could be a capable man, at the very least.

But it had been three years!

He had never done anything worthwhile at home besides cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking!

Angelina really couldn’t imagine why this good-for-nothing was so attractive to her grandfather!

Her grandfather, who had treated her like the apple of his eye, all but married her off to such a useless person!

Aiden was used to it. Angelina had never been happy with this marriage. They married without any emotional connection. It only became worse that after she married him, she had gone from the proud daughter of the Gray Family to a laughingstock. Aiden understood how she felt.

On the other hand, since he was kicked out from the Finnegan Family, Aiden had repeatedly told himself to survive. He had to stay alive!

So, even if the Grays looked down on him and regarded him as a mere caretaker or someone as low as a servant, Aiden would still grin and bear it.

He always kept in mind that he was disowned by the Finnegan Family, who was extremely powerful!

Now, he was just a useless son-in-law who was just barely living on the Grays’ goodwill!

“Once we leave, ensure the house is spotless before you go! When we get to the hotel, find a corner and only speak when spoken to! Do you understand?!” Linda commanded Aiden impatiently.

“Alright, Mom!” Aiden replied.

Angelina frowned and asked, “Does Aiden really have to go today?”

“Do you think I want him to go?! It’s just a family rule that all family members have to attend the family event!” Linda chided angrily. “Don’t you know that it’s always embarrassing for our family to attend? If you listened to me and went on the blind dates I’ve set up for you, do you think we’ll still be the joke they laugh at?”

Aiden was in the kitchen, squatting with a bowl in his hand as he listened to their conversation between Linda and Angelina. There was not even a sliver of displeasure on his expressionless face.

He snorted inwardly. If it weren’t for my internal injuries, do you think I would still stay here?

Life is just one big cycle, so one should always do good.

What goes around always comes back around!

But he was used to this mistreatment. The only person who didn’t look at him in disgust was his father-in-law, Harvey Gray, who wasn’t at home.

After Angelina and Linda finished their breakfast, they left the house without even a ‘bye’ to Aiden.

He immediately came to clean up the table. Even though he was faced with the mess on the table, he continued to tidy it up calmly.

This son-in-law couldn’t even be compared to a dog!

Sigh!” Aiden let out a big sigh.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was forced to live in hiding for fear of his enemies’ relentless pursuit, coupled with the fact that his internal injuries couldn’t be healed even after three years of fruitless endeavors, why would he stay here to endure Linda’s wrath?

Even though he loved Angelina, was the second son of the Finnegan Family from the Delcord someone who allowed others to bully him?

Ding! A phone call interrupted Aiden’s thoughts. When he looked at Angelina’s name on the screen, he muttered to himself, “She probably forgot something.”

“Aiden, everyone has to give grandma a gift at the annual event. You better remember to buy a gift!” Angelina’s cold voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Oh, um… But…” Aiden stuttered hesitantly.

On the other line, Angelina frowned and asked impatiently, “But what? Say it!”

“I don’t have money!” He finally exclaimed.

“Why can’t you find a job? You’ve been spending the Gray Family’s money and eating our food… Forget it. There’s no point in saying all these. You’re so useless. I’ll transfer money to you later!” Angelina’s voice was full of annoyance.

Aiden hung up the phone and immediately received a notification from the bank on his phone.

At the same time, he looked at the time and immediately began to quicken his pace as he cleaned. After he changed into some decent clothes, he left the house.

When he reached Antiquities City, Aiden looked through the stalls.

Unfortunately, Aiden had limited money in his pocket; he could only rely on his eyes to pick out a high-quality gift.

After some time, Aiden finally chose a pair of calligraphy pens and an antique painting. The grandmother of the Grays was born into a noble family. She loved calligraphy and paintings, and she went gaga for them.

When Aiden left Antiquities City, he looked at the time and realized there were still two hours before the party would begin.

He didn’t plan to go early. Even if he went, he would still be the laughingstock of the Gray Family. Not only would he bear the humiliation, but Angelina would also suffer with him, along with his insufferable mother-in-law…

Aiden couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of it.

Screech! There was a shrill brake sound, and when Aiden looked up, he saw a speeding sports car right before it crashed into him. He immediately lost consciousness.

A beautiful young woman in her twenties got out of the car. She had a great body, fair skin, and wonderfully shaped brows. She looked at Aiden, who was lying on the ground in a panic.

Aiden was lying on the floor with blood on his face. She couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from.

“Why are you just standing there? Check if he’s okay!” The pedestrians saw the panicked woman and hastily screamed at her.

Everyone rushed to help Aiden up, and the woman called an ambulance.

No one noticed the red jade pendant around Aiden’s neck, emitting a faint light after touching Aiden’s blood.

“Aiden, what have you done?! You b*stard!” An older woman scolded him harshly.

“Grandma, I…”

“Grandma, I’m going to kill this b*stard!”

“Aiden, this slap is for my wife!”

“Young Master, don’t worry about me! I’ll keep on living!”

Aiden fell into a coma with his past haunting his mind when he was about to die at the hands of the Finnegan Family three years ago.

Then, another voice echoed in Aiden’s mind.

“Oh! The foundation of your martial arts was destroyed? Wonderful! Truly wonderful! I’ll give you a boon. You’re fated to be with the Blood Legacy. From now on, you will be my disciple! Your martial arts foundation was destroyed! You have the perfect foundation to practice my martial arts. This is fate! This is my life’s practice, so you better listen to me carefully and learn it well! You are the salvation of the people! You are sent here to save countless lives! My dear disciple! Remember! Remember! Go out to the world and save them on my behalf!”

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