Addicted to His Sweet Love

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Novel titleAddicted to His Sweet Love
ProtagonistNatalie Rivera, Jarvis Braxton
Number of Chapters217
Publishing platformMoboReader

On her wedding night, Natalie’s stepmother set her up to marry Jarvis, a disfigured and disabled man. Fortunately, she managed to escape, but little did she know that later she would fall for the man she was betrothed to.

Jarvis pretended to be a poor man, but he didn’t think that he’d fall head over heels for this woman.

Their life went on until one day, Natalie found out her boyfriend’s little secret.

“Huh? How could you have billions of dollars’ worth of assets?” she asked in disbelief.Jarvis didn’t know how to respond.

Being met with silence, she gritted her teeth angrily. “They said that you couldn’t walk, but as far as I can see, you’re strong enough to run a marathon.”

Still, he remained silent.Natalie continued, “They even said that you only have a few years to live. What about now?”

Finally, Jarvis opened his mouth to explain. “Honey, this is all just a misunderstanding. Please calm down. Think about the baby.”

“Jarvis Braxton!”

The man knelt down immediately.

Chapter 1 Run Away From The Wedding

As soon as Natalie Rivera entered the living room, her father, Garrett Rivera, walked up to her and slapped her face hard. The loud slap sound echoed in the living room.

She was bombarded with a torrent of verbal abuse.

“Natalie, how dare you run away from the wedding? Don’t you know that if it weren’t for the kindness of the Braxton family, our family would have gone bankrupt because of you?”

Garrett’s slap was so hard that Natalie couldn’t help taking a few steps back and was dizzy for a moment.

After she regained her composure, she faked nonchalance and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Then she looked at Garrett with eyes full of sarcasm.

“Dad, you clearly know who is supposed to marry into the Braxton family. If Flora and Alisha didn’t drug me and played a sly trick on me, would I run away from the wedding?”

Yesterday, Natalie was supposed to marry her boyfriend, Rowley O’Brien. On the other hand, her half-sister, Alisha Rivera, would marry Jarvis Braxton. However, before she got in the car, Flora Rivera, her stepmother, drugged her with an aphrodisiac and swapped her for Alisha.

Fortunately, she realized that something was wrong before it was too late. She jumped out of the car halfway and met a kindhearted stranger who sent her to the hospital. Otherwise, she couldn’t imagine the consequences.

After all, it was said that Jarvis was disabled because of a car accident. He was cruel and had a sadistic personality. Rumors had it that he was married thrice, and the three brides died on their wedding nights.

At the thought of this, Natalie had a lingering fear. Her eyes became even colder when she looked at Garrett.

Garrett felt uncomfortable with Natalie’s questioning. He was so embarrassed that he avoided eye contact with her. At the same time, he was guilty.

He must admit that as the years went by, he was becoming more and more afraid of Natalie.

Particularly, he was afraid of her eyes.

Every time Garrett looked into Natalie’s eyes, he seemed to see her mother, making him feel very uncomfortable and want to escape.

“What kind of attitude is that? I’m your biological father, not a criminal. How dare you talk to me in such an interrogating tone?”

Upon hearing this, Natalie smiled sarcastically.

“Really, Dad? If you still remember that you are my biological father, why would you leave me at the mercy of a man like Jarvis Braxton? You let Flora use me to replace her daughter in marrying into the Braxton family.”

Natalie knew that Flora couldn’t do such things without Garrett’s acquiescence.

“Natalie, what are you talking about?” When Flora heard her name being mentioned, she was dissatisfied. She walked forward with her head and shoulders down, pretending to be aggrieved. “The Braxton family only said they wanted a Rivera girl to marry Jarvis. They didn’t say which girl specifically. Besides, the Braxton family is one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Bloridge. You should thank your father and me for choosing such a good family for you to marry into.”

Natalie felt like she had heard the funniest joke. She asked in a raised voice, “Since you think the Braxton family is so good, why don’t you let Alisha marry Jarvis?”

“That’s enough!” Garrett snapped. “Alisha is not in good health. If she marries him, how can she stand the suffering? You are her older sister. What’s the big deal if you replace her to marry him?”

Natalie was not surprised to hear those words from him anymore. She could only smile bitterly.

Every time she had a conflict with Flora and Alisha, Garrett would always defend them. He never cared about her feelings at all. Over the years, she knew that Garrett was biased. But she didn’t make a fuss because she still held a glimmer of expectation and hoped that he would also give her even a little bit of fatherly love. But in the end, she was only disappointed.

Natalie raised her head stubbornly to prevent her tears from falling. Then she said in a hoarse voice, “Dad, have you forgotten that Alisha is not your only daughter? I am also your daughter. My mother died many years ago. Do you even know how I got through it these years? Why can’t you think of me too?”

“Flora is your mother now,” Garrett said angrily.

“No! My mother died a long time ago.”

Natalie’s voice was even angrier than Garrett’s. It was as if the grievances she had suppressed for more than twenty years exploded at this moment.

Flora and Alisha came into their house and lived with them since she was eight years old. Since then, she was never allowed to eat at the dining table ever again. She rarely had a full meal, and she could only eat leftovers. After high school, she started to fend for herself. She did several part-time jobs to pay for her tuition fees. Her father was a rich businessman, but she could say that Alisha’s dog lived a better life than her.

Alisha enjoyed the halo of a rich lady. She wore clothes and accessories from famous brands and often went to high-end clubs to have fun. Natalie, on the other hand, had to wear cheap clothes and take the subway and bus to work. No one in the entire Bloridge knew that Natalie was Garrett’s daughter. All they knew was that Garrett had a daughter named Alisha.

And now, Flora and Alisha even framed Natalie and took the man she loved away.

What was more, her biological father even shamelessly said Flora, that vicious woman, was her mother. Wasn’t it ridiculous?

Flora could see that she had already achieved her goal. She stepped forward, pretending to ease the situation, but in reality, she was adding fuel to the fire. “Garrett, don’t be angry with Natalie anymore. I won’t take this grievance to heart. I don’t want to make you and your daughter at odds.”

“You see now, Natalie? Flora is even defending you.” Sure enough, Garrett became more impatient with Natalie. “Now that the Braxton family has called off the wedding, you don’t have to marry him. This matter ends here! Go back and change your clothes. Don’t make a fool of yourself here. I have something to deal with in the company, so I have to go now.”

After saying this, Garrett left without a second glance at Natalie.

Natalie was so disappointed with her family that she didn’t want to stay any longer. She turned around and was about to leave. But suddenly, two strong servants grabbed her and pressed her down firmly to the floor.

Then Flora walked to her with a smirk. Since Garrett was not there anymore, she finally revealed her acerbic face.

“You damn woman! You did not only run away from the wedding but also came home to complain. You must be courting death!”

The servants were so strong that Natalie was forced to kneel on the floor. She stared at Flora coldly and snapped, “Flora, aren’t you afraid of being punished for what you have done?”

Flora smiled complacently and replied, “Alisha has already secured the position as Mrs. O’Brien. What do I have to be afraid of? Natalie, you gave birth to another man’s child a few years ago. I guess Rowley doesn’t know it yet. If he knows, do you think he will still marry you?”

“It was you and your daughter who set me up back then.”

As soon as the biggest secret in her heart was exposed, Natalie’s face turned pale. She struggled hard, glaring at Flora.

She indeed gave birth to a child five years ago, but the child died after it was born. And she didn’t know who the father of the child was.

But she didn’t have the courage to tell Rowley about this.

“So what if we set you up? Even if you tell others about it, no one will believe you'” Flora said coldly. But the smile on her face suddenly became brighter. “By the way, I have another thing to tell you. Your child did not die. He is an adorable boy.”

Natalie was so shocked that she blurted out, “Where is my child?”

Editor’s Notes

Addicted to His Sweet Love” novel is set in a modern urban affluent and follows the story of Natalie Rivera and Jarvis Braxton. The “Addicted to His Sweet Love” book is a romance and offers a unique perspective on love, betrayal, concealing identity.

Throughout the “Addicted to His Sweet Love” novel, the author weaves a captivating story filled with vivid descriptions, complex characters, unexpected plot twists.

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