A Game of No Strings by Caitlin Gabriel

A Game of No Strings by Caitlin Gabriel PDF Download


Friends with benefits, but what happens when one of them starts catching feelings?

Sharon and Andrew were two worlds apart according to the public. Nothing made them seem compatible.

Known as a financial prodigy with an incomparable potential for maximizing gains, Andrew was perceived as a man who didn’t have time for love or things that pertained to the opposite sex.

The public thought his only love was money, so they reasoned that Sharon was the one who threw herself at him.

Little did they know that he was actually the one who lured her into his trap slowly. He had been obsessed with her for years.

“Do you remember, Mr. Blakely?”

She whispered in his ear, “We agreed not to catch any real feelings for each other. No strings, right?”

A soft and raspy chuckle escapes his lips. “Yeah, right. Since I lost, I’m now yours. Let’s take this to the next level, if you please.”

He started the game with her for some crazy reason, but in the end, he lost completely and surrendered to the heavenly feeling of love.

Book Review

“A Game of No Strings” is a riveting and deeply moving romance novel that explores the complexity and intensity of true love. This work stands out for its smooth story and impressive characters, which transport the reader into a world full of passion.

The story of “A Game of No Strings” centers on Sharon Hoffman, who, after a series of setbacks, discovers the feeling and possibility of a great love in the man Andrew Blakely. Initially unwilling to give in to this feeling, Sharon Hoffman discovers that Andrew Blakely’s love is deeper than she ever imagined, forcing her to face her own fears and insecurities.

“A Game of No Strings” is a compelling book in its handling of love and relationships with intensity and authenticity. The author makes us believe in the power of true love and confront our fears and limitations in the name of happiness.

With captivating writing and an all-encompassing story, “A Game of No Strings” is a must-read for anyone looking for true love. Reading makes us reflect on the importance of allowing ourselves to love and be loved, even in the face of the adversities and challenges life throws at us.

Embark on the loving journey of Sharon Hoffman and Andrew Blakely as the couple shows us that deep love can overcome any obstacle and change lives. “A Game of No Strings” is a beautiful romance novel that will remain etched in the memories and hearts of all those lucky enough to share it.

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Free Preview of “A Game of No Strings”


Sharon Hoffman shared her room number with someone other than her boyfriend, Bennett Lambert.

This idea came to her just half an hour after she discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

He had a woman’s foot flirtatiously wandering between his thighs as if she was looking for something down there. Neither of them thought that anyone had noticed their little game.

When the doorbell chimed, Sharon snapped back to reality. She hastily adjusted the alluring lingerie she was wearing. She had initially purchased those for the birthday surprise for Bennett.

As the door swung open, Sharon was engulfed in a passionate kiss, nearly breathless from the intensity. In that moment, all she could perceive were a pair of desire-filled eyes locking with hers. It took a while for her to realize the identity of the person before her—Andrew Blakely.

Andrew didn’t give the woman in his arms a chance to do anything. Upon glimpsing what she was wearing beneath her bathrobe, he applied a bit of force with his arm, causing Sharon to be pressed against the full-length mirror adjacent to the door. His arms wrapped firmly around her waist, holding her in place.

A woody scent of cologne emanated from him, filling the air around them. After a brief moment of being taken aback, Sharon closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the sensation and allowing herself to enjoy the moment.

Perhaps it was Sharon’s own initiative that ignited a hidden desire within Andrew, revealing a side of him that starkly contrasted her initial impression.

Unbeknownst to Sharon, the elevator chimed, signaling Bennett’s arrival just before he witnessed the unfolding scene before him.

With one hand firmly holding Sharon’s hands above her head and the other gently tucking her hair, Andrew strategically positioned himself to block Bennett’s view of her. Sensing Bennett’s impending rush, Andrew turned his head, a wicked smile playing on his lips as he locked eyes with Bennett, silently asserting his presence.

In an instant, Bennett’s face drained of color, his complexion turning pale. With a swift and powerful kick from Andrew’s long leg, the door slammed shut, sealing off any further glimpse of the scene inside. The sound of a brief musical chime accompanied the closing of the door, adding an eerie finality to the moment.

Bennett would likely carry the unforgettable image of the scene he had just witnessed with him, perhaps in the rest of his life. However, Andrew didn’t care.

“First time?” Andrew’s voice resonated in the darkness.

Sharon remained silent, yet Andrew’s movements became noticeably softer, a stark contrast to the initial fervor. Sharon’s recollection of the night focused on her clinging to Andrew’s waist throughout the encounter.

Suddenly, a memory flashed through Sharon’s mind of a previous party where someone had commented on Andrew’s remarkable physique, suggesting that he must be skilled in bed. In that moment, Sharon realized that she now had firsthand experience and a say in the matter.

At 4:30 in the morning.

After plugging in the phone charger, Sharon glanced at her phone and discovered a staggering number of missed calls: 30 in total, all from unfamiliar numbers.

Uninterested in returning the calls, Sharon surmised that they were likely from Bennett, who must have discovered that he was blacklisted and resorted to using different numbers to reach out to her.

The sky beyond the window remained draped in shades of gray. To her realization, she found herself alone in bed, suggesting that Andrew had likely departed earlier.

The previously scattered clothes had been neatly arranged on the sofa, indicating that someone had taken the time to tidy up. Additionally, the air conditioning had been adjusted to the optimal temperature, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room.

Sitting up and pulling back the blanket, Sharon couldn’t help but feel that people’s evaluations of Andrew had been too shallow. Last night’s intimate encounter had been undeniably pleasurable, providing her with an extraordinary experience that surpassed mere superficial judgments.

Nevertheless, Sharon had no intention of prolonging her stay. Initially, she had come to celebrate Bennett’s birthday, but now she considered staying here a futile use of her time. Instead, she decided it would be more productive to return to work and resume her regular routine.

At least focusing on her work would bring satisfaction to her boss, whereas dwelling on the previous matter would only bring annoyance and frustration.

Sharon had never been one to willingly invite trouble into her life. As she rummaged through her suitcase, selecting clothes for the day, the bathroom door swung open, catching her attention.

Andrew emerged from the shower, completely surprised by the sight that greeted him. The woman possessed an enviable figure, despite her slender frame, boasting alluring curves in all the right places. Her long hair cascaded in gentle curls, beautifully accentuating her smooth skin. Perhaps due to the passionate encounter they had shared, a faint pink tint still lingered on her cheeks, adding to her overall allure.

She exuded an irresistible allure, resembling a captivating succubus.

This was the thought that consumed Andrew’s mind in that moment.

Sharon was momentarily taken aback, but swiftly composed herself and looked in Andrew’s direction.

Sharon didn’t shy away from her scrutiny, openly observing Andrew. In contrast to her previous impression of him as disciplined, reserved, and aloof, last night had revealed a different facet of his personality—a side that was more unrestrained and audacious.

Andrew met her gaze without evading it, patiently waiting for her to take in his appearance from head to toe.

Droplets of water continued their descent, tracing the contours of his sculpted muscles before cascading down his thighs. Bathed in the soft, dim yellow light, Sharon felt an impulse welling up within her, tempting her to release a whistle of admiration, like a mischievous rogue.

“Mr. Blakely,” Sharon began, her voice betraying a hint of huskiness as soon as she opened her mouth.

A faint chuckle escaped from the man, clearly amused by the situation.

Realizing that the current circumstances were not conducive to casual conversation, Sharon chose to abandon any attempts at small talk and straightforwardly addressed the issue at hand. “I don’t believe it’s appropriate for you to stare at me in such a manner,” she stated firmly.

Indeed, Andrew had a towel to shield himself, whereas Sharon found herself with only her long hair as a modest covering.

She was completely naked.

“Do you want to do it again?”

Andrew’s words echoed in the room, causing Sharon to freeze in place.

Her body stiffened as she turned her head, contemplating whether she had misheard him.

With a soft click, the final light in the room extinguished. In the darkness, Andrew lifted her effortlessly, his arm supporting her waist, and Sharon instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, succumbing to the momentum of the moment.

During their intimate encounter, Sharon heard Andrew’s voice whispering in her ear, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”

A Game of No Strings by Caitlin Gabriel

A Game of No Strings novel PDF Download

A Game of No Strings novel is a Romance story about Sharon Hoffman and Andrew Blakely, publish by MoboReader. You can read and download A Game of No Strings novel full story on MoboReader.

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